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Last Remains

Last Remains

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Action, RPG
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Last Remains is a zombie battle royale action blockchain game that combines aspects of survival combat with stealth action elements. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players are thrown into a high-stakes environment where they must navigate through hordes of zombies and other players to emerge as one of the last survivors. The game introduces a blend of stealth and strategy, where noise and visibility can mean the difference between life and death in a zombie-infested world. It is available on PC.


In Last Remains, players are immersed in a player-vs-player-vs-environment (PvPvE) setting, dropped into a city map with the looming threat of an encroaching deadly zone that forces players into closer quarters over time. Unlike traditional shooters, the game prioritizes stealth and strategy. Players must carefully manage their visibility and noise levels to avoid attracting zombie hordes, while scavenging for resources like food, water, and weapons.

The game modes are intensely competitive, designed to challenge even the most skilled gamers. Players need to strategically collect in-game cosmetics and items, which not only enhance their appearance but also provide crucial in-game bonuses. The ultimate goal is to be among the last three survivors to be rescued by a helicopter, a task that requires both cunning and combat skills.

The game also offers a detailed equipment and character system, where items and characters come in different rarity grades, affecting their attributes and survival potential in the game. Players can acquire these items and characters through gameplay, purchase, or by participating in the game’s unique Search and Rescue missions, adding depth and replayability to the overall experience.

Token Information

Last Remains introduces its native token, ZT (Zombie Token), which plays a central role in the game’s economy. This token can be used for various purposes within the game, such as buying and trading in-game items, repairing equipment, and influencing the game's development through community voting. The tokenomics of Last Remains are designed to maintain a sustainable economy, with a capped supply of tokens and mechanisms like token burning to manage inflation.


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