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Loaded Lions: Mane City

Loaded Lions: Mane City

Metaverse, Strategy
Not available


Loaded Lions: Mane City is a blockchain metaverse web3 game that introduces players to the world of strategic city building and management. Players can build and customize their mansion while managing their resources to expand. The game offers a passive income feature, ensuring that cities continue to thrive even when players are away. Loaded Lions: Mane City is available on PC.


Loaded Lions: Mane City is set in a dynamic environment where players start with a piece of land, progressively generating diamonds and constructing various businesses to earn gold. As players accumulate gold, they can purchase and install furniture in their mansions, level up, and unlock new blueprints for further expansion.

Players find themselves managing a bustling metropolis, with their success hinged on strategic planning and resource management. The City View acts as the central gameplay hub, where players can see their Land, available business sites, and active businesses. The players can decide which businesses to prioritize and how to allocate their gold and diamonds most effectively.

The Mane Mansion is another crucial aspect of the game, serving as a player’s luxurious personal space that can be customized with various pieces of furniture. This not only allows players to express their personal style but also plays a role in their overall progression, as placing furniture in the mansion provides experience points and unlocks new blueprints.

The Avatar system adds a personal touch, displaying key details about the player and allowing for the customization and application of NFTs like “Loaded Lions” and “Cyber Cubs” for in-game bonuses. This feature allows players to showcase their achievements and unique style.

The Market serves as the game’s trading platform, where players can buy and sell assets like businesses and blueprints using CRO on-chain. Diamonds and gold are the primary in-game currencies. Diamonds can be used to purchase boosters, enhancing the gold production rate of businesses for a limited time. These boosters introduce an additional strategic layer to the game, challenging players to use them judiciously for maximum benefit.

Token Information

The game features CRO token, used within the Market for trading in-game assets. It is also’s native token. Players can engage in the trading of businesses, blueprints, and other assets; navigating the market is essential for players who want to maximize their city’s prosperity and their own personal gain.


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