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Action, RPG


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Megaweapon is an action blockchain game where players engage in a fast-paced, top-down shooter arena in a multiplayer experience that caters to both casual and competitive gamers. Megaweapon features simple gameplay with a high skill ceiling, which allows players to join highly competitive matches where strategic thinking and swift reflexes determine victory. The game is available on PC.


Megaweapon offers a variety of different game modes to keep players engaged and challenged. Megaweapon's unique twist lies in its ability to assemble megaweapons from parts harvested from fallen enemies. These colossal weapons provide overwhelming strength, speed, and weaponry, allowing players to dominate the battlefield. Customizable characters, collectible assets, and in-depth stat tracking enhance the gaming experience, while leaderboards showcase the best players for ultimate bragging rights.

For those who prefer the chaos of free-for-all battles, Megaweapon offers two FFA modes: Deathmatch and Gun Game. On the other hand, Team Battle enthusiasts can engage in Team Deathmatch and Domination modes, where coordination and strategy become most significant.

In Deathmatch, it's every Degen for themselves, with the first player to score 5000 points claiming victory. The twist lies in megaweapons, activated when a player deposits four identical parts, leading to a showdown where all other players unite against the spawned boss until its destruction.

Team Battle introduces collaborative chaos, pitting one team against another. To win, a team must score 15000 points, activating megaweapons with twelve identical parts. The battles intensify as multiple megaweapons come into play simultaneously, creating a dynamic and strategic environment.

Domination, a team-based mode, adds an extra layer of strategy. Two teams compete to capture and hold different areas of the map, accumulating points over time. The more areas a team controls, the faster their score rises, setting the stage for intense team-based confrontations.

Token Information

WEAPON tokens are used to gain entry to events; they are also offered as a reward at the same time. Additionally, players can buy, sell, and trade custom character NFTs from secondary marketplaces. The rarity of these NFTs, determined by their stats, adds value and creates dynamic pricing.


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