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Action, RPG
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MetaDOS is a battle royale action blockchain game that utilizes a time-as-currency concept that transforms fast-paced battles into a race against the clock. Players take on the roles of legendary characters, each equipped with unique abilities. The game emphasizes rapid-fire, skill-intensive gameplay, challenging solos and trios to outfight and outlast opponents in the ultimate tournament, aiming to be the last standing on the ticking time-centric battlefield. The game is available on PC.


MetaDOS features two main game modes, with the Time game mode being a standout innovation. This mode puts players' time on the line, turning it into a valuable resource and a critical element of survival. The game offers a diverse roster of characters, including outlaws, soldiers, and unconventional misfits, each with their own unique abilities. The Meta Battle, a grand tournament, challenges all contenders to survive amidst threats from adversaries and the encroaching Ring, adding an extra layer of intensity.

The traditional battle royale mode allows players to team up with others, engaging in large-scale battles with dozens to hundreds of participants. The objective remains clear: be the last combatant standing, claiming glory and honor in the expansive world of MetaDOS. The game introduces four character types—Offensive, Tank, Tech, and Support—with a planned launch roster of 10 characters, each catering to various playstyles.

MetaDOS showcases a diverse and intriguing lineup of characters, each with a unique backstory and playstyle. From the renowned American Bounty Hunter, Tether, known for precision and evasion, to Terra, the formidable Korean fighter with a mission, the characters add depth to the gameplay. Solana, the Japanese assassin, and Space Karen, the flamboyant billionaire, bring a mix of lethality and unpredictability. The roster also includes Ark, Dai, Avax, Stellar, and Tron, each contributing to the game's immersive narrative and offering players a range of strategic choices.

For players eager to dive into the world of MetaDOS, the game is currently available under Early Access on Steam. Simply visit the game page on Steam, request access, and await prompts for gameplay. Regular updates and scheduled playtests ensure an evolving and engaging experience, so stay tuned to MetaDOS' social channels for the latest information and opportunities to join the evolving world of time-centric battle royale gaming.

Token Information

MetaDOS introduces a unique in-game economy with its time-as-currency concept. SECOND token is utilized as currency. Players can utilize this time currency to unlock various in-game features, purchase character upgrades, and enhance their overall gaming experience.


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