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My Pet Hooligan

My Pet Hooligan

In Development
AMGI Studios
Action, RPG
Not available


My Pet Hooligan is an action RPG blockchain game that features NFT bunnies called Hooligans, which players can control and utilize in various game modes. The game invites players to pilot their avatars in real-time, engaging with AI-driven characters and owning digital assets that contribute to a vibrant in-game ecosystem. AMGI Studios plans to experiment further with cutting-edge features, welcoming player feedback to enhance the overall gaming experience. The game is available on PC.


Set in a world where bunnies were once enslaved to farm Karrots under the rule of MetaZuckBot, CEO of ZuckCorp, My Pet Hooligan takes players on a journey of rebellion. The bunnies, breaking free from captivity, transform into Hooligans and split into seven factions with the mission to disrupt MetaZuckBot's oppressive regime. From the Hare Raisers seeking vengeance to the technically savvy Cypherbuns, players can choose their faction and adopt a Pet Hooligan to contribute to the ultimate goal of ending ZuckCorp once and for all.

Players have the option to align themselves with one of the seven factions, each with its own unique characteristics and missions. Mutants are exposed to Zuck Corp's radioactive testing; they are a secretive and unpredictable force. Playboys are a classy faction that enjoys a refined and polished lifestyle, including cigars, cocktail parties, and a love for gambling. Punk Bunnis are survivors of corporate music experimentation; this faction has a strong anti-establishment attitude and unique musical abilities. Rogue Jumpers are a rough and tumble gang with a passion for athletic competition and brawling, never missing a chance to place a bet. Cypher Buns are the technically savvy Hooligans with the ability to decode and break digital defenses, created through MetaZuckBot's cyborg drone experiments. Bunners embrace a laid-back lifestyle while appreciating the greener things in life. Hare Raisers are fiercely vengeful; this faction excels in robbery and vandalism, fueled by the history of forced Karrot harvesting.

My Pet Hooligan offers three game modes to cater to different player preferences. Hang Out features a full open-world environment that allows Hooligans to explore the city freely, battle Zuckbots, practice tricks, and enjoy Hooligan-created content in a movie theatre. Anarchy mode features a free-for-all showdown, with Hooligans competing for the most eliminations within a designated zone, ensuring fast-paced action and strategic gameplay. Additionally, Coinpocalypse is a coin-hunting mode where Hooligans start with coins and drop them upon elimination. The winner is the one who collects the most coins within the time limit, adding an element of strategy and competition to the gameplay.

Token Information

In the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem, blockchain technology is utilized to provide ownership, transparency, and freedom for digital assets. Additionally, the blockchain layer contributes to a more open gaming ecosystem, fostering a strong community of gamers, collectors, and creators united under the Karrot Gang banner.


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