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OneRare is a blockchain metaverse that is dedicated to food, where players can mint dishes from around the world. The game takes users on a culinary journey, celebrating the diverse world of food and introducing the first tokenization layer specific to food in the Web3 arena. From hosting celebrity chefs and virtual restaurants to food experiences and a dedicated gaming zone, OneRare serves as a platform for the global food industry, inviting various stakeholders to embark on the web3 adventure. OneRare is available on PC.


The OneRare Foodverse is characterized by its thematic zones. The Gaming Zone is divided into four unique areas. It allows players to indulge in various food-related activities. This includes exploring dishes from diverse cultural backgrounds, like the Costa Rican Cassado and the Korean Bulgogi. Catering to contemporary dietary preferences, players can also explore Vegan, Keto, and Paleo-specific dishes. At the heart of this experience are NFTs that represent dishes and ingredients. For instance, to create the French Fries Dish NFT, players need to gather the potato, cooking oil, and salt ingredient NFTs.

On the other hand, a play-to-earn landscape, The Farm invites players to cultivate ingredients. Players stake ORARE to grow their desired ingredients. Real-world environmental events, like droughts and pest attacks, can unpredictably affect crops, bringing an element of unpredictability and strategy to the game. Players can also compete in various mini-games in The Playground using their OneRare NFTs. Initial game offerings include mobile-friendly games like Hippo Full and Foodtruck Wars.

OneRare has a farmer’s market that consists of two types of shops: farmer shops and dish sellers. Players can sell their harvested ingredients or trade their minted dish NFTs using the ORARE token.

OneRare Kitchen allows players to combine collected ingredients to claim dishes. Once a dish is prepared, it's represented as a dish NFT in the player's wallet. These dishes can further be leveled up in the Level Lab, wherein combining two of the same dishes upgrades their level and grants them more powers in the ecosystem.

Token Information

ORARE serves as the native token of OneRare's ecosystem. Players can stake ORARE to harvest ingredient NFTs. The amount staked influences the growth speed of ingredients. Also, ORARE facilitates buying and selling at the market, ensuring smooth trading of ingredients and dishes.

Players can utilize ORARE tokens to partake in games, enter contests, and even enhance their gameplay. Holding ORARE tokens empowers players with governance capabilities, giving them a say in both on-chain and off-chain decisions.


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