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CROS Game Studio
Strategy, Card


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Ookeenga is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, real-time strategy, collectible card game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, OKG and KAB. In the game, players will battle each other and explore the world of Ookeenga to learn more about the enigmatic evolution of the Sacred Forest. In this post-purge environment, insects have developed and are engaged in a fierce civil war between mixed-blood Ahika and pureblood Akhah.


As the Ahika tribe's leader, the player must guide their people toward Khoom, vanquish the Amukras and their armies, and then annihilate the ultimate boss Amoik to liberate the Khoom energy from her control. To do this, they will need to gather characters and troops among different races in the game.

Every character in the world of Ookeenga comprises five systems: Body, Classes, Rarity, Body Parts, and Races. The character will have a distinctive phenotypic and strength thanks to each of these systems with a potential of 80 million different character combinations. 

The characters of Ookeenga are modeled after real-life bugs, and each species will differ in terms of both personality and size of its troop: For instance, the forces led by the Antuks, who evolved from ants, have enormous numbers to swarm the adversary. Other races in the game are The Montak (Moth), The Mantah (Mantis), The Muu (Beetle), and The Krakee (Cricket).

On top of this, there will be five other character classes such as Melee, Range, Tank, Mage, and Air which are immune to ground units and deal long-range damage. The roles that each character class plays and how the players choose to play are both directly impacted.

In OKG, new heroes are made by fusing two characters that the player already possesses. Heroes will only be able to have a certain number of crosses, and if that number is achieved, they will stop reproducing. A specific number of in-game tokens will be used during the breeding procedure. Heroes that are produced through breeding will be in cocoon form. Players must wait for heroes to develop and engage in combat. 

Each hero has a body shape and four bodily components. A hero has four genes for each part: the primary gene (P), the support gene (H1), the supported gene (H2), and the counter gene (H3). These will be used as features to create distinct and potent NFTs in the game.

The heroes' default weapons will be those that match their class when they are purchased or hybridized. Users can enhance their weapons through production, market trade, or winning PVP and game event prizes. Weapons will improve a hero's qualities and have advantageous impacts on the troops during a fight.

Ookeenga's gameplay combines three genres that are popular in the gaming world: real-time strategy, collectible cards, and tower defense. Players will be deployed to a battlefield and given three minutes to either demolish the opponent's core tower or destroy as many of their opponent's towers as possible. The game is over when the player defeats the opponent's main house.

The game’s PVE aspect features the player's quest to take control of the tribe as it travels over the landscape, engages in combat with the army of the Akhah (the Pureblood) species, and faces Amoik (The Mother Insect) in order to reclaim the Source Tree. PVE mode is broken up into numerous phases. The players must eliminate the last boss of each stage. Players will get immediate resources when they first defeat an adversary or open a treasure chest with random prizes. After completing the boss stage, the player can move on to the next zone.

Players compete against other players in the PVP arena to showcase their prowess. The player can engage in PVP as many times as he likes each day, but each battle will deplete one point of his stamina. PVP points are used to determine an opponent's rank in the arena; the player will add or deduct a set number of PVP points for each win or defeat. Equipment, resources, and tokens are available as PVP rewards. The award will increase in value as the player's rank rises. After a predetermined amount of time, arena rankings will be updated and recalculated.

In the game, there are two different kinds of treasures: one that KAB and OKG can purchase on the market, and one that rewards players for winning battles. Players receive resources, goods, NFT item fragments, OKG, KAB, and complete NFT items from buyable treasures.

The game also has features to generate passive income in the form of NFT landowning. Each piece of land a player owns is an NFT item and has a place in the OKG universe, giving them access to a steady stream of resources (tokens, in-game currency, etc.) through passive income. On the owned land, a village can be constructed and then furnished with things bought at the market. These enhancements may only be cosmetic or may increase the farm's maximum output. Players can also get resources and tokens by taking control of the mines, forests, and farms in the OKG universe. They can also go hunting and visit increasingly difficult dungeons to gain better prizes.

Token Information

OKG: is a limited governance-supplied token. Players will need OKG to buy/sell NFTs, breeding, or enhancing items. In addition, owning OKG is equivalent to the player’s investment in the OKG world. They can use it for Staking, marketplace trading, renting, and buying limited NFTs through periodic sales and will also be used to reward tournaments and special events.

KAB: Tokens received from game activities with no supply limit. Players can trade KAB to receive OKG. KAB is used in most game features such as breeding heroes, enhancing items, and crafting equipment.


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Seed-$0.02 $360,000.00 18,000,0005% up-front at TGE, 3m cliff, then quarterly vesting over 5 quarters500,000,000Circulating Supply: 5,400,000
Private-$0.04 $1,680,000.00 42,000,0005% up-front at TGE, 3m cliff, then quarterly vesting over 4 quarters

Public - IDO-$0.05 $800,000.00 16,000,00015% up-front, 2m cliff, daily vesting over 6 months


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