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Oxya Origin

Oxya Origin

Oxya Origin
Action, RPG, Strategy
Not available


Oxya Origin is a free-to-play action blockchain platform that features an action game called Road to Genesis, a dashboard called Headquarters, and a land NFT tool called Gatemap. The game is incubated at Ubisoft, and it combines Web2 and Web3 technologies by utilizing AI and Unreal Engine 5. The game is available on PC.


Oxya Origin's gaming ecosystem is tailored to specific player personas, interconnected through a shared asset ecosystem, and has an overarching lore. Road to Genesis is a free-to-play semi-open world third-person shooter roguelite. Developed within the Ubisoft incubation using Unreal Engine 5.2 Lumen Nanite and in-house generative AI tools, players are allowed to explore the Oxya Origin universe. From battling enemies, collecting loot, and completing quests to surviving rogue dungeons, the game features a narrative within the Oxya universe while rewarding players with valuable assets.

The Oxyan Headquarters Dashboard, currently in its alpha stage, serves as a central hub and provides players with a bridge within different game modes. This interface allows players to manage their Oxya Origin Lands and assets. It enables actions like sending avatars on interstellar expeditions, farming, crafting, upgrading items, trading on the integrated marketplace, and fostering collaborations with other players.

Adding another dimension to the experience is the Gatemap, a 3D map in public alpha. This gamified experience gives players the control of a remote satellite, allowing them to explore the Oxya Origin universe, interact with partners, compete in challenges, and claim rewards through treasure hunts. It provides a different perspective of the Oxya Origin universe from a celestial vantage point.

Token Information

The Oxya Origin ecosystem operates on two primary utility tokens: OXYZ and OXYAGEM. OXYZ, a deflationary token tradable on both the DEX and CEX platforms, serves as the lifeblood of the ecosystem. Its versatile utility encompasses voting rights, minting ecosystem assets, Battle Pass season purchases, expediting in-game processes, and participation in the in-game marketplace.

On the other hand, OXYAGEM, an inflationary currency, plays a role in rewarding free-to-play players and facilitating the crafting and upgrading of in-game items. Players can earn OXYAGEM through various game modes or stake eligible ecosystem assets, promoting engagement and progression.


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