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Petobots is a blockchain gaming metaverse that features a world where robotic pets engage in thrilling PvP battles. The game introduces a blend of wager-based competitions and demo modes, allowing players to experience the gameplay with or without bets. To enter the realm of Petobots, players require a Petobot NFT, which serves as their in-game character that can be upgraded and enhanced. The game is available on PC.


At the heart of Petobots lies a diverse platform featuring multiple PvP games designed for two or more players. The gameplay emphasizes skill-based, prediction-based, and luck-based casual titles. Each round typically lasts up to 5 minutes, offering players flexibility in their playing style. The project introduces various NFT collections, including Alpha Pass, OG Canabot, 1st Gen, and 2nd Gen.

Petobots City serves as the central hub where users interact with NFTs and explore various gaming and meta-gaming features. Players can collect NFTs, engage in tournaments, level up their Petobots, and participate in social activities. The city encompasses key areas such as the Petobots Master Den, Trading Square, Breeding Facility, Petobots Pit, Games Arena, and Petobots Explorer. These areas provide a comprehensive platform for users to control their accounts, trade, breed new generations of Petobots, manage and enhance their robotic pets, and explore detailed project statistics.

Petobots Master Den is the control center for users, where they manage accounts and wallets across various chains, explore match history, and engage in social activities. Trading Square is a comprehensive marketplace for trading and renting activities. Players can shop in the store, trade on the marketplace, or participate in the Rent-a-Bot feature. Breeding Facility is where 1st Gen owners stake their Petobots to mint 2nd Gen Petobots. Petobots Pit is dedicated to managing Petobots, allowing players to level them up, disassemble them, and enhance them with extra features and artifacts. It also provides insights into Petobots' stats and their suitability for different games.

Games Arena is the epicenter of the project, offering a variety of PvP games for two or more players. This section includes skill-based, prediction, and random outcome games. The Games Arena introduces players to the first released game, Gladiators Battle, where core mechanics involve choosing attack and defense zones strategically to reduce the opponent's health scale to zero. Each Petobot possesses unique characteristics, including health points, attack power, armor, armor penetration, and evasion chance probabilities. The Alpha version of the game is accessible to Alpha Pass and OG Canabot holders, allowing them to test various Petobots during this phase. Additionally, players can experience the game in demo mode without owning an NFT, with a demo character available for everyone.

Each Petobot in the player's arsenal possesses unique characteristics, including health points, attack power, armor, armor penetration, and evasion chance probabilities. These attributes play a crucial role in determining the outcome of battles in skill-based games like Gladiators Battle. Players can level up their Petobots, disassemble them, and enhance their features in the Petobots Pit, ensuring a strategic approach to gameplay.

Token Information

PBOT token is a versatile digital asset that plays an important role in various in-game activities. Users can utilize PBOT in the marketplace to buy and trade NFTs, mint 1st Gen NFTs, accelerate NFT breeding, upgrade and customize NFTs, and shop in the Trading Square. The token can be acquired through various channels, including airdrops to Alpha Pass and OG Canabot holders, rakebacks from wagered matches, rewards from Petobots tournaments, DEX or CEX exchanges, and by farming more PBOT.

In addition to its role as a transactional currency, PBOT also serves as a means to recharge gaming energy, emphasizing its integral role in sustaining the dynamic and competitive environment of Petobots.

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