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Metaverse, RPG


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Pixels is a metaverse role-playing blockchain game that offers an open-world experience centered around farming, exploration, and story-driven quests. Players find themselves in a meticulously crafted, pixelated universe where they manage resources, advance skills, and forge relationships. The game is available on PC platforms, accessible through web browsers.


At the core of Pixels is a diverse range of activities encapsulated in its primary and secondary mechanics, blending farming, quests, cooking, and personalization of spaces. Players start with basic farming, gathering resources like soil, crops, and water to sustain their agricultural ventures. They can personalize their space through landownership and a map builder, expanding their domain in the Pixels Universe.

Future updates promise an enriched experience with foraging, pet keeping, flower breeding, and enhanced personalization of spaces. Players will engage in narrative sleuthing, build character relationships, and partake in competitions and mini-games. Secondary mechanics support these activities through a store, social features, leaderboards, and a system for achievements and trophies, evolving with future additions like income benchmarks and skills progression.

Resource management is crucial, with a variety of resource types and rarities tied to specific land traits. Farming remains the central industry, with players actively involved in planting, watering, and harvesting crops on their own or shared farm land. The game's mechanics are designed to simulate real farming experiences, including the impact of drought and the importance of energy management.

Token Information

Pixels employs a dual-token system, BERRY and PIXEL, each with distinct roles and acquisition methods. BERRY serves as the primary in-game currency, facilitating core gameplay loops and progression. It is earned through in-game activities, like selling resources, and spent on items that further game progress. The supply of $BERRY is adjustable, ensuring balanced gameplay and economy.

PIXEL, on the other hand, is a premium currency used for purchasing exclusive items, upgrades, and cosmetic enhancements, adding a layer of prestige and personalization. It is more scarce, with a controlled daily minting process, and distributed among players engaging in beneficial activities for the Pixels ecosystem. The use of PIXEL is intended to enhance the gaming experience without unbalancing the gameplay, focusing on enjoyment and social status rather than direct earnings. Both tokens are integral to the game’s economy, designed to sustain a long-term and enjoyable experience for players.

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