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In Development
Dynasty Studios
RPG, Action
Not available


Providence is a free-to-play multiplayer action blockchain game that is a third-person shooter survival with rogue-lite elements developed by Dynasty Studios. Players control characters called Trailblazers, which delve into alien worlds, search for resources, and confront the challenges of the Singularity, all within the dynamic landscape of a player-driven economy. The game is available on PC.


As a Trailblazer in Providence, players navigate the unpredictable conditions of fragmented alien worlds. Among the stunning alien biomes filled with various monsters, players must start building their base. The Homestead, more than just a shelter, serves as a secure foundation for expansion, mirroring the progression of players from mere survivors to adopters of these alien landscapes.

Resource management is one of the most important aspects, requiring players to gather materials, craft essential items, and engage in trade to progress. Providence is designed to reward strategic resource utilization, ensuring that players can advance through their efforts, free from the constraints of micro-transactions.

Providence's Slipworlds present dynamic and ever-changing challenges. Each Slipworld introduces unique challenges, blending elements of PvE and occasional PvPvE, ensuring that no two expeditions are alike. Players have to remain adaptable, honing their skills to confront the diverse and unpredictable landscapes presented by these dynamic environments.

Providence universe utilizes the Unreal Engine 5, which showcases the remnants of destroyed planets and enigmatic technologies at the core of the Singularity's mysteries. Players will find themselves immersed in visually stunning alien biomes, encountering remnants of ancient civilizations and strange life forms that promise a deeply immersive gaming experience.

Dynasty Studios is going to release a playable teaser experience for Providence in the near future. Players are encouraged to stay connected through social media channels and sign up with their email on the website for an opportunity to be among the first to participate in testing.

Token Information

Providence extends to the blockchain with its upcoming token release on the Avalanche network. While details about the token remain unknown, the game promises a fusion of blockchain technology and NFTs.

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