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Estoty Games
Action, RPG, Strategy
Not available


Shatterpoint is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain action role-playing game built on the Polygon network where players can own NFT heroes and earn QUA and SHA tokens. The game features a PvP arena where players can battle each other and a PvE campaign mode that players can progress through. The game is available on mobile platforms.


Shatterpoint’s PvE campaign mode consists of five different worlds. Each world gets increasingly harder and more diverse as the players advance. Players can participate in various story and skirmish missions. Players can get used to the game in the campaign levels, which have different enemies, bosses, and gear chests. Skirmish levels, on the other hand, serve as endless levels that both test the skill of the player and provide loot. These levels won’t progress the campaign and are not obligatory.

PvP mode can be played as 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 arena team deathmatches, where players carry out a series of battles, and the best out of five battles wins the match. Each player enters the match with either their own NFT heroes or the ones they have rented. Matchmaking is done using a rating system that takes a player's power level and how often they win and lose into account.

Hero NFTs are avatars that represent the players in the game. There are currently five different heroes to choose from: Trevor, who is a mercenary that wields a shield and a sword; Sheer-Ei, who is a researcher that uses double daggers; Baynite, who is a scavenger that carries a two-handed axe; Admiral Finlay Scofield, who is a space veteran that possesses a spear; and Sha Tu’Szu, who is a missionary that owns double-wielded blasters.

Players can level up their heroes by collecting enough experience points. They are earned through completing side quests and defeating enemies. The maximum level a hero can reach is fifty. Leveling is required to use better equipment as the players progress in the game. 

Heroes have base stats like strength, agility, and constitution, which increase as the players level up. There are also combat attributes like health, damage, defense, accuracy, and evasion that differ for each hero. Every ten levels, heroes receive passive traits that are permanent upgrades. These traits can be rerolled up to three times per hero if the player would like another random one.

Token Information

QUA tokens have an infinite supply and are used for various activities and transactions within the game. Players can get QUA tokens by completing achievements and challenges, taking part in tournaments and other special events, and winning PvP battles where they put money on the line. The SHA token is the governance token that allows voting within the game’s ecosystem and has a finite supply. 


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