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Shogun Curse

Shogun Curse

In Development
Oh Baby Games
Card, Strategy
Not available


Shogun Curse is a strategy card blockchain game that is set in a world filled with danger and mystique where players face demons and monsters. As adventurers, players take on the role of characters like The Accursed and The Huntress, each with their own unique storylines and abilities. The game combines card-based strategic gameplay with rich narrative elements, set in a universe with treacherous landscapes. The digital collectible system allows for collecting and upgrading various cards and relics, enhancing the depth of the gaming experience. The game is available on PC.


In Shogun Curse, players can master a card-based battle system that features a variety of buffs, debuffs, and enemy strategies. The gameplay is centered around strategic decisions in both combat and exploration. Players will traverse different corrupted realms, such as the Crimson Forest, populated by deadly undead, or the Zen Desert, home to intelligent plant life, each presenting unique challenges and storylines.

The character-driven narratives of The Accursed and The Huntress offer distinct gameplay styles and progression paths. Players collect cards and relics that grant powerful abilities and can be used to craft a personalized gaming experience. As players advance, they make pivotal decisions that influence the game's world and their character's development. This dynamic system ensures that no two playthroughs are the same, with the environment and narrative adapting to the choices made.

Players interested in joining the early phases of Shogun Curse, such as the Alpha release, can sign up with their email to increase their chances of participation. Once invited, players will receive all necessary information via email and can stay updated on developments through the game's Discord and Twitter channels.

Token Information

While specific details on the blockchain integration are not fully disclosed yet, it is expected that Shogun Curse will feature a token system that allows players to buy, trade, and manage digital collectibles within the game. These collectibles likely include character cards and unique relics that can enhance player abilities or be consumed for significant power boosts in critical battles. The game's marketplace will enable players to trade these items, potentially increasing their value based on rarity and utility in gameplay.


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