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The Legend of Aurum Draconis

The Legend of Aurum Draconis

Dragon Crypto Gaming
RPG, Strategy


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The Legend of Aurum Draconis is a play-to-earn, story-driven blockchain RPG game on the Avalanche blockchain network that uses DCAR and DCAU tokens. As a blockchain RPG game, Aurum Draconis offers players the ability to fully own their characters and equipment. Players can engage in exciting gameplay and earn rewards through their in-game actions. The game is available to play on PC.


Aurum Draconis delivers an RPG experience with a compelling story-driven questline. Players embark on an adventure in mystical lands, customizing their characters' skills, equipment, and abilities as they fight their way to glory. The game captures the nostalgic gameplay of the 90s, providing an addictive RPG gameplay loop that keeps players engaged for hours on end.

Skill development plays a crucial role in Aurum Draconis, allowing players to choose their own path and shape the destiny of their heroes. As players level up their heroes, they unlock new abilities and enhance their base stats, such as strength, agility, and constitution. Each hero possesses unique combat attributes, including health, damage, defense, accuracy, and evasion, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay. Additionally, every ten levels, heroes receive permanent upgrades in the form of passive traits, which can be rerolled for a chance to obtain different traits.

The game world of Aurum Draconis offers a vast landscape, known as Dragon Haven, where players can uncover its secrets. They battle hordes of fearsome enemies, harvest resources to craft powerful equipment, and conquer the untameable wildlands. With thousands of items and unique pieces of equipment of varying rarity, ranging from common to legendary, players can collect rare artifacts and treasures to strengthen their heroes and stand out in the realm.

Furthermore, Aurum Draconis integrates crafting and repair marketplaces, where players can utilize resources and blueprints to create exceptional items. They can take up crafting bounties at the Crafter's Guild, providing services to other players, or selling their creations on the marketplace. This crafting system fosters an interactive and player-driven economy, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Hero classes are a crucial aspect of Aurum Draconis, allowing players to choose their preferred playstyle. The game offers four distinct hero classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Warriors dominate their enemies with destructive melee weaponry, while Mages harness the power of ancient shamanic practices and cast devastating spells. Rangers excel in long-range combat, utilizing their precision with bows and agility to swiftly maneuver. Crafters delve into the depths of dark mines, utilizing their forging skills to provide valuable items for the marketplace. It's important to note that classes are not set in stone, and players can customize and build their own unique skill sets, giving them complete freedom in defining their heroes' abilities.

Token Information

Aurum Draconis utilizes two native tokens to facilitate its in-game economy and governance: the DCAR token and the DCAU token.

The DCAR token serves multiple purposes within the game. It enables revenue sharing and staking, allowing players to earn passive income by participating in the game's ecosystem. Additionally, DCAR tokens are used for in-game rewards and crafting, providing players with various avenues to accumulate wealth. Notably, the DCAR token also grants ownership of virtual land within the game, giving players the opportunity to build their own virtual worlds and create unique gaming experiences.

On the other hand, the DCAU token is primarily used for minting Hero NFTs, which are the entry point to the world of Aurum Draconis. Hero NFTs represent characters that players can own and customize. These tokens can be acquired through exclusive Hero Summoning Events or purchased on secondary NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, the DCAU token plays a vital role in the game's governance, allowing players to participate in decision-making processes that shape the future of Aurum Draconis.


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Dragon Crypto Gaming IDO (Avalaunch)26 Jul — 27 Jul 2022

 $0.165  $ 400,000.00 2,424,24225% TGE, 6.25% weekly

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