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The Red Village

The Red Village

The Red Village
Action, RPG


$2253.44513 $2253.44513 (-0.99%)
Fantom 0x74b2...b58C76d
xDai 0x6a02...978f6e1
Polygon 0x7ceb...1b9f619
Avalanche C-Chain 0x49D5...bc10bAB
Zilliqa zil19j...jx0w09v
Cronos 0xe44F...a0c299a
Harmony 0x6983...93ea013
Boba Network 0xdead...ead0000
Solana 7vfCXT...963voxs
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0x4DB5...62E29EA
Terra terra1...y2uy25r
Ronin 0xc99a...4e19ef5
Celo 0x1220...548b455
Moonbeam 0xfa93...9f8a40f
Aurora 0xc9bd...6fe3feb
Telos 0xfa93...9f8a40f
Metis Andromeda 0x4200...000000a
Hoo Smart Chain 0xA158...7A00193
Oasis Network 0x3223...5F7c68F
Fuse 0xa722...d2c5b99
KCC 0xf55a...E4253b1
Elastos 0x802c...703501e
IoTex 0x0258...07d0c80
KardiaChain 0x1540...a49d9a7
Milkomeda 0x81ec...585fe9c
Meter 0x79a6...150fb3c
Near c02aaa...dge.nea
Optimism 0x4200...0000006
Everscale 0:59b6...5fe160d
Conflux 0xa47f...2014d57
Waves 474jTe...owaZUnu




Market Cap

$1.09 B

Volume (24h)
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The Red Village is a play-to-earn blockchain multiplayer dark fantasy action role-playing game where players can own NFT champions and earn WETH tokens on the Polygon network. Players can partake in different game modes with their champions and face other players for rewards. The game is available to play both on mobile and PC platforms.


The Red Village is a dark fantasy game where the players can fight against each other. TRV digital assets are called 'Champions' across two distinct game modes: Tournaments, and Darklands. 

The fights occur automatically as the players choose their preferred fighting style before joining the match. They can choose to be either aggressive, defensive, accurate, or balanced. To the Deathmatches are 1v1 duels that act as an actual test of skill. The winners are granted great rewards, while the losing player’s champion dies permanently. On the other hand, Tournaments host up to eight champions that fight in 1v1 elimination rounds. Each player has to pay an entry fee that serves as a reward pot, which is distributed to the winner and the runner-up. There are also free tournaments in which the players can enter to win small prizes. Alongside these two modes, players can participate in faction fights, which are bigger tournaments that host players who utilize and represent the tokens of other communities and projects.

Each champion has a unique name, visual characteristics, skills, and attributes such as strength, attack, defense, and fatigue. Attributes affect the champions’ hit points, combat power, and stamina. The main visual characteristics of a champion are determined by their breeds; highborn, Nordics, half-dwarfs, elves, orcs, origins, ethereals, and the undead. Players can choose one of the breeds and specialize in one of the five classes; barbarian, wizard, druid, ranger, or paladin. The playstyles of champion classes differ from one another as they each have a unique ability. Rangers and wizards are mainly damage dealers, while barbarians and paladins are tanks that soak up damage.

Champions that are directly minted from the game’s website have a bloodline system that refers to which series they are from. Bloodlines range from genesis, mystic, warlord, and lionheart, with the genesis ones being the earliest. Earlier bloodlines have an advantage in every combat since they have a better chance to launch a special attack or a defensive move. Also, earlier bloodlines always strike first in a fight, improving their chances of winning faster. Aside from having these elements that affect their gameplay, champions have different hairstyles, hair colors, armor colors, and war paints that alter their appearance.

Token Information

Players can use WETH on the Polygon network to purchase NFT champions from the game’s marketplace. Players can pay a sum of tokens in order to enter fights and win the pot of entry fees in the end. The other communities’ and projects’ tokens are also utilized in the faction fights. 


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