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Thunder Lands

Thunder Lands

MMO, Metaverse, RPG


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Thunder Lands is a play-to-earn MMORPG game that utilizes the Polygon blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, TNDR. Thunder Lands takes place in a dark fantasy world where players are free to develop their characters, complete quests, engage in PvP, extract resources from the game world, and monetize their rewards.


The game begins as the player assumes the role of a mercenary and travels to dangerous uncharted lands known as Thunder Lands in search of wealth and glory. To influence the situation in the Thunder Lands, players will have to engage in a constant struggle for resources, territorial conquest, and political dominance, form their own factions, or join the strongest guilds.

Thunder Lands begins with a clicker mode where players destroy mobs and earn TNDR tokens until they get to the final dragon boss and slay it. The upcoming MMORPG aspect has a hybrid class system and an open world where players can go beyond the classical mage-warrior-priest type of builds and create their unique combinations and explore a world of 100 square kilometers, with different biomes. Such as magical forests, rough rivers, deposits of resources, large cities and villages, roads, and trade routes.

Travel on the world map is carried out by clicking the mouse button or touch screen on the map  The target can be either an object or a point on the ground. They can travel and solve quests, and engage in PvE and PvP. PvP battles are expressed in the form of various battles on the world map and sieges. PvE battles take place both on the world map and in mini-games for resource extraction. 

There are 35 resources available to extract and players can build stations or manually extract them to trade or use them to craft in-game. The extracted resources are stored in individual cells at mining buildings, from where they can be moved to personal storage or on players’ horses or caravans and can be processed to create unique items to trade. There are professions players can take up to create unique items from tailoring to blacksmithing, excelling on different items and materials.

In Thunder Lands, NFTs are presented in the form of territories with resources, unique weapons or armor, and support items. Resource structures are built on resource sources and require blueprints, materials, and time, while some others can be built on players’ NFT territories and used in earning passive income.

Token Information

TNDR token will serve as the primary in-game and utility currency for Thunder Lands  Players will use TNDR to acquire digital assets such as weapons, armor, gear, and farm buildings. TNDR will be earned only through in-game actions or by exchanging with other players. There is also a secondary currency called POWER that serves as a premium in-game currency and can only be earned by playing the game and staking TNDR tokens, which are used to create factions or guilds and take part in their special mechanics.


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