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RPG, Action, Strategy
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Wildcard is a multiplayer action role-playing blockchain game where players can bring champions from across the galaxy into the battlefield by utilizing collectible cards. Set against the backdrop of the Wildcard Arena on the Frostburn Asteroid, players can summon unique companion creatures, assemble decks of collectible cards, and engage in battles to attain victory. The adjacent Frostburn Village, purpose-built for fans and competitors, offers various accommodations for each player. The game is available on PC.


In the heart of this PvP collectible-card-based arena action game lies the interplay between the cards chosen for your deck and the real-time skill exhibited with a champion. Wildcard introduces a twist to the gameplay: the freedom to choose a champion, each with its own distinct set of abilities and strengths.

Players must carefully choose their champion and assemble a team of summons, each with a wild variety of skills and styles. The arena becomes the battleground where skill and strategy collide, and the synergy between the chosen cards and their abilities matters as much as the player's skill with their champion.

The summoned creatures can be discovered in many different ways. Deployed alongside a champion's skill, each summon's unique abilities contribute to the synergy of the team. The arena is where champions and their summons rally, showcasing their different strategies.

Wildcard's many worlds send their best to the arena, with each hero, sidekick, and summon bringing a unique set of abilities to the battlefield. The game celebrates the joy of collecting through its summon creatures, ensuring that each match is a blend of skill, strategy, and the unpredictable wildness that the summons bring.

The Genesis WildPass serves as the initial gateway to the Wildcard ecosystem, offering exclusive opportunities to its holders. WildPass holders gain access to some of the most exclusive perks in the Wildcard universe. One such example is Wildcard Swag, a collection of unique collectibles that integrates with the Wildfile, a soul-bound player ID in the blockchain layer.

Token Information

The WildPass unlocks early ownership opportunities in Wildcard's Web3 platform, providing holders with priority access to playtest builds, exclusive events with the development team, and a glimpse into future ownership opportunities.

Holders of the Genesis WildPass receive not only the earliest ownership privileges but also utility benefits, including exclusive access to Wild, priority access to playtests, and participation in holder-only events with the developers.


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