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ArchLoot is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game that features user-generated content NFTs built on the BNB Chain and uses ALG and ALT tokens. It offers a unique gameplay experience that fully enables on-chain implementation of upgradeable character and prop NFTs, providing an interactive platform for playability and user-generated content.


ArchLoot introduces the concept of ALT Parts, which are loot-style NFTs used for monster assembling. These ALT parts come in five types: head, torso, upper limb, lower limb, and accessory, allowing players to engage in lego-like composable gameplay. Powered by self-developed protocols, these loot-style NFTs support user-generated operations.

One of the key features of ArchLoot is the ability to freely assemble and recombine avatars from a directory of NFTs. Players can change, upgrade, and enhance the attributes and design of their NFT assets during gameplay. This flexibility allows for unexpected performance outcomes through recombination. Players also have the option to sell their NFTs on secondary marketplaces.

The game universe of ArchLoot is centered around ALTvers, a remote world situated on the master island. It is a vast and endless galaxy filled with adventure and discovery. The planet within this universe offers a diverse climate and terrain, making it a haven for plants and a source of resources for survival. The planet is inhabited by a variety of creatures, both native and summoned by their human owners. Players will encounter monsters, plants, and other species as they explore the planet and engage in battles.

To play ArchLoot, players need to assemble their own monsters using various parts. These monster parts, represented as NFTs, come in different levels of rarity, ranging from common to legendary. Players can strengthen these parts by consuming corresponding materials and can genetically recombine them to increase rarity and add additional attributes. Some parts also have special skills that can be activated during battles.

The game implements an inflation design and sustainability model to balance the value flow. The monthly pass system helps control the production and distribution of substantial assets and resources.  Avatars in ArchLoot are assembled from NFT body parts, with each part having different attributes and skills. Players can repair the durability of their NFT body parts using repair potions and can acquire tokens and tradable gear through chests obtained in gameplay.

The game offers two types of gameplay: Dungeon PVE and Competitive PVP. In PVE mode, players can explore the map, fight monsters, and obtain resources. There are daily dungeons and event dungeons that provide different challenges and rewards. In the PVP mode, players can engage in battles against each other on various pre-existing maps. Different battle types, such as 1v1, team battles, and brawls, offer different gameplay experiences.

In addition to fighting, players need to manage their monsters' well-being and tribe. The residence serves as the home for tribe members and allows players to produce resources through various buildings such as the Fruit Barn, Elementium, and Herb Garden. The dock serves as the portal to the outside world, allowing players to explore dungeons, conquer maps, and engage in fights to obtain resources for their monsters and tribesmen. Other features include the Arena, Palette, Garden, Blacksmith, Guard Post, and Gene Lab, each providing unique functionalities and opportunities for gameplay progression.

Token Information

ArchLoot utilizes two tokens: ALG and ALT. ALG is the in-game currency used to acquire resources, repair potions, and purchase NFT body parts. It can be obtained by defeating monsters, opening chests, and participating in gameplay activities. The game also features a monthly pass system, offering different tiers of services to active gamers. The ALT token serves as the governance token within the ArchLoot ecosystem, enabling voting and decision-making.


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