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Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt

Ambros Technology


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Blockchain Monster Hunt is a play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy game that utilizes multiple chains with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, BCMC. It’s a cross-chain game in which whenever a new network appears, it will be connected to the Blockchain Monster Hunt (BSMH) metaverse. Blockchain Monster Hunt allows users to play and earn in a diverse world of monsters as they gather unique monsters with different rarities.


Players can begin playing their game with an initial investment of 10 dollars to choose their first monster to begin their adventure. In this game world which is heavily inspired by Pokemon players, objectives are straightforward. The ultimate mission of players or Blockchain Defenders is to battle and hunt down evil monsters to prevent them from corrupting the multiverse. They will earn BCMC tokens and NFTs in the process and can use these for trading or staking.

Gameplay consists of 4 modes that allow players to earn in-game. Catching and selling monsters on the Marketplace requires players to hunt down monsters. These monsters will try to battle or run away from the player and require both luck and strategic items to be caught, or they will disappear forever. Users can travel across multiple chains to hunt unique monsters for each chain game’s connected to.

Players can enter their monsters into battle to earn rewards from each victory in PvE. When the player’s Monster defeats the NPC Monsters, players will receive rewards either in Energy, Token, or NFT of Partner Chain and Game upon a specific campaign, or other in-game items which would be updated in later phases of the project. These battles require effective counters and strategies prepared beforehand since every monster has different elemental strengths and weaknesses.

Players can search for competitors, send and accept combat challenges. The brief monster portfolio of each side would be revealed with limitations, and players will battle a total of three rounds to earn higher rewards.

Another viable source of income is staking idle monsters with the Monster Council Program to earn passive energy which can be claimed at any time. Players can also try their luck with the Gem Mining game mode. In just one click, players can win rewards, including monster NFTs.

In BCMH There are four types of game items. Attack, Defense, Health, and Speed with four rarity types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. Users can own these items by opening a Mystery Box or buying one on the Marketplace.

Game items can be used in both PvP and PvE modes. The monster can be equipped and unequipped with these items regularly without the need to exit the multiverse. The use of game items will not create any change in the Stamina required, EXP score, or battle rewards but will only affect the battles the players are facing.

The monsters in BCMH are varied: There are four groups: Genesis are the pre-mined Monsters. Chain Mascots are the symbol of the multi-chain foundation of BCMHunt. They are born every time a new chain is connected to the BCMHunt multiverse. Wild monsters are the ones that are born directly from the blockchain and can be hunted. Lastly the artificial monsters which are created by merging high-level Monsters (which allows for the merging of rare traits). This is similar to a breeding system in other games. All NFT monsters in the game will be tradable and can be used for staking to earn passive income

Token Information

BCMC is an ERC-20/BEP-20 token, and it is the main currency of BCMHunt, currently listed on seven exchange platforms (QuickSwap, PancakeSwap,, MEXC, UniSwap, ApeSwap,) BCMC is needed to top up Energy, the in-game intermediary currency used for all game activities. It can also be used for staking and farming. In-game energy can also be converted to BCMC tokens.


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Circulating Supply: 13,300,000
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