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Chains Of The Eternals

Chains Of The Eternals

In Development
Driiip Research Labs
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COTE, planned to be released on PC in Q4 2022, has the classic aspects of an MMORPG with its isometric 3D graphics and a unique aesthetic style that combines tech with fantasy. COTE introduces blockchain technology to traditional MMOs by implementing monetary rewards. Players can participate in PVE and PVP battles, in-game quests, and crafting and harvesting mechanics for rewards and loot. 


The game is a large-scale multiplayer project that supports up to 10+ people in a single gaming session, and it's being designed to accommodate millions of simultaneous sessions. It also eliminates the typical server part of MMOs and replaces it with a blockchain system that acts as a server for the players on their own.

This means that by using this technology, the creators ensure that the users' characters and NFT assets are owned independently. Preventing them from being wiped if the servers fail or shut down and all the players' servers stay unique to them.

The gameplay is based around a play-to-earn method with a classical isometric 3D perspective; players can choose from up to 10 character classes with different traits and abilities, 4 different elements to withdraw their combat power from, a pet system that accompanies the players as companions, and ownable land and properties in the form of the metaverse. The game features 15 immersive and unique zones to journey through.

The game has two currencies in the form of in-game currency KASH and governance token COTE. The players can earn in-game currency KASH via gameplay mechanics such as PVE, PVP faction battles, completing quests, crafting items, and harvesting resources. KASH can then be converted into COTE.

In PVE, the players will battle through 15 different zones and fight enemies that will drop resources, unique items, and KASH. The players can then join the PVP and faction battles by depositing or staking their in-game currency to earn even more rewards and KASH tokens. They can complete quests for rewards, loot, and in-game currency. In addition to these, crafting and jobs will also reap rewards in COTE, the players can take up jobs using tools to craft items and harvest resources, which could then be sold in exchange for KASH.

KASH is a limited supply of in-game currency that could be used for a variety of things, such as trading with NPCs and other players, buying job tools and potions from in-game merchants, paying up optional game season subscription fees, and paying character mint costs that will buyback KASH and add more liquidity if needed. To prevent pay-to-win gameplay, all in-game purchases will be made in KASH, such as buying job tools, resources, or items.

COTE will also feature a rental economy in the form of sponsorship or scholarship, also known as the in-game NFT lending mechanic L&B (Lending and Borrowing Protocol). Scholars can rent their NFTs to their wards or beneficiaries to earn KASH via gameplay mechanics and share the profits afterwards.

COTE features game seasons with subscription fees that could also be paid in KASH, which will, in turn, inject the in-game currency back into the ecosystem and ensure liquidity. An in-game subscription will be used to unlock the season system, unique fights, and new maps.

The game features the newest technology, ECDSA encryption and bot and cheat prevention, to prevent cheaters and bots. Players won’t be able to use smart contracts directly to play the game, bypassing the world map movements for example. This ensures a greatly improved quality of gameplay and adds to the game’s lifespan.

Token Information

Chains of the Eternals Token (COTE) is the governance token of the game, a planned deflationary token representing a real-world value. With COTE Users stake COTE LP tokens to get a % of the fees from the game ecosystem, directly in the native token of the respective blockchain. Users can also use their COTE to vote for new features to be added in-game or to push forward their unique ideas. It can also be used to farm on partners' AMM and thus be used to yield different tokens from the blockchain.


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