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Fusionist is a strategy blockchain game that plunges players into a universe of exploration, strategy, and digital collectibles. The game features different playstyles that range from the likes of traditional real-time strategy games to resource-management browser-based titles. Built on its mainnet, known as "Endurance," Fusionist delivers a decentralized user engagement platform. The game is available on PC.


The core gameplay of Fusionist revolves around "The Expedition," where players journey across three distinct planets, each having its own set of challenges split across three difficulty levels. As they navigate through these challenges, players must strategize by deploying their Mechs, powerful entities with varying combat powers. These Mechs, determined by grade, weapons, and attributes, can be assembled into squadrons, which require at least one and can include up to five Mechs for an expedition.

The Expedition isn’t just for NFT holders; community members can also engage in the gameplay by hiring mercenaries to undertake missions and earn NOVA Points. These points serve as the Expedition’s currency, which can be exchanged with ACE, Fusionist's native token. Holding specific NFTs like the Alpha Prestige enhances gameplay by granting additional privileges. For instance, an Alpha Prestige holder can accelerate the rate of expeditions, increase the Mech Team's strength, and earn more NOVA Points. Moreover, with Fusionist’s new update, players can now harness weapon cores to boost weapon attributes, providing a richer and more complex gaming strategy.

Token Information

Fusionist operates using two primary tokens: ACE and BOAT. ACE, the native token of Fusionist's mainnet Endurance, is designed to engage and reward users. With a total supply of 147Mn and an initial supply of 1.47Mn, ACE can be earned in various ways within the game.

On the other hand, BOAT (Bound On-Chain Achievement Token) represents the on-chain reputation of holders. Non-transferable and non-tradable, BOATs can be bought using ACE tokens. Holding a BOAT amplifies a user's ACE earning potential and offers a slew of game-related benefits. For example, a Snowflake level 1 BOAT holder can earn extra ACE each time they employ the ACE Pump.

Apart from in-game utility, ACE can be exchanged with NOVA Points and vice versa. The exchange rate is set at ACE: Nova Points = 1:100 and Nova Points: ACE = 100:0.97, with the latter incurring a 3% handling fee. Players can also utilize ACE in Fusionist's marketplace, where they can delve into trading and purchasing various NFTs, each boasting different attributes and advantages in the game.


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