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Haunted Space

Haunted Space

Italian Games Factory
RPG, Adventure, Simulation
Not available


Haunted Space is a play-to-earn space exploration blockchain RPG game where players can own NFT characters and spaceships while earning tokens on the Ethereum network. Players can explore a vast galaxy in various game modes using their spaceships. The game will be available on PC and console platforms such as Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.


Haunted Space features two versions of the game; a single-player and a multiplayer version. Both versions feature different worlds and are open for players to explore. Players embark on an adventure that takes them through space.

The single-player version assigns the players the role of a raider that serves the human empire in the Neterun galaxy. The Neterun galaxy is inhabited by humans and Lovecraftian creatures, whom the players can battle against. The players’ primary mission is to harvest a valuable energy source called Sonic Matter. The headquarters, called the Metal Mother Facility, act as a base for players to run their operations. Players can explore for resources, battle against other players and enemies, and make alliances with others.

The multiplayer version of the game features five character types that the players can choose to play as; a cyborg, an alpha woman, a billionaire, a space pirate, and an assassin. The characters associated with these types are NFTs that the players can purchase from a marketplace. Players can use their NFT characters in the open world, the deathmatch mode, and the free-for-all mode.

The game also features multi-stage boss battles against creatures that are colossal. These creatures are made of bio-matter and sometimes possess space debris. Players can overtake such obstacles either on their own or with a party. Each player owns a space vessel that acts as a vehicle for them to travel in. They can be crafted, upgraded, and customized.

Space ships have a co-pilot system that allows players to dictate how much control they have over the travel system. Players can either enable auto-pilot to reach a destination or navigate through space manually. The simulation level of the space experience is completely customizable. Each spaceship has five basic stats that determine its power; health, attack, attack range, speed, and systems.

Token Information

Haunted Space’s native governance token is scheduled to be released in the last half of 2022.


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