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Karmaverse Zombie

Karmaverse Zombie



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Karmaverse Zombie is a play-to-earn web3 blockchain-based NFT strategy game that immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and mutants while using KNOT and SERUM tokens. As a survivor, your mission is to establish and manage a shelter, strategically assemble a formidable team of Fighters, and engage in intense battles against the undead horde. With unique NFTs representing your Fighters, you have complete ownership and control over your assets, allowing for trading, selling, and utilization within the game. Dive into this dystopian universe and carve your path to dominance in the fight for survival.


In Karmaverse Zombie, each player takes charge of a shelter, responsible for the survival and growth of their Fighters. These Fighters are represented by distinct NFTs, showcasing their individual capabilities, bonuses, and personalized avatars. The rarity of the Fighters is denoted by stars, with higher-star Fighters possessing greater power and uniqueness.

Colors play a crucial role in battles, as each Fighter is associated with one of five colors: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These colors exhibit varying strengths and weaknesses, creating a tactical aspect to combat. Leveraging the color system strategically can provide an advantage in PvE and PvP battles, amplifying your chances of victory.

Stats directly impact a Fighter's performance in battle. The higher the stats, the greater the likelihood of triumph. By leveling up your Fighters through the consumption of food and rigorous training, you enhance their combat ratings and overall capabilities. Each Fighter has preferred dishes that, when consumed, accelerate their growth. As Fighters progress, they can be promoted to ascend to higher tiers, augmenting their potential and allowing for even further development.

Skills are vital assets for success in Karmaverse Zombie. With an extensive array of unique skills at your disposal, mastering the right combination and timing of these abilities is crucial. Deploy your Fighters' skills strategically during battles to turn the tide in your favor. Every Fighter possesses a special skill that evolves and improves as they level up and rank up, granting you an edge on the battlefield.

Token Information

Karmaverse Zombie incorporates the KNOT token, which serves as the game's native currency, facilitating transactions and interactions within the entire Karmaverse ecosystem. The Knot token holds value across the game, enabling trade and the acquisition of valuable assets.

Additionally, the game features NFTs that can be earned while playing. These NFTs possess inherent value and can be traded in the unified marketplace, connecting players across the Karmaverse. Within this marketplace, you can engage in buying, selling, and auctioning NFTs and tokens, including limited-edition tokens that cannot be generated over time.

SERUM, another significant aspect of the game, is utilized to cure zombies and transform them into powerful Fighters. As you progress through battles and claim victories, there is a chance to capture zombies, which can then be cured and integrated into your roster.


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Ecosystem Fund

Karmaverse IEO ( Startup)28 Mar — 29 Mar 2022

$ 0.50 $150,000.00 300,000

IDO (Spores Network)26 Mar — 27 Mar 2022

$ 0.50  $ 50,000.00 100,00050% at TGE and 50% after a month

IDO (PAID NETWORK)24 Mar — 24 Mar 2022

$ 0.50 $200,000.00 400,00050% at TGE and 50% after a month
IEO (BitGet)9 Mar — 10 Mar 2022

$ 0.50 $100,000.00 200,000First 50% released before trading begins, remaining released 30 days after trading.
IDO (BullStarter)7 Mar — 7 Mar 2022

$ 0.50 $ 125,000.00 250,00050% at TGE and 50% after a month

IDO (INFINITE LAUNCH)7 Mar — 7 Mar 2022

$ 0.50 $150,000.00 300,00050% unlock at TGE and 50% next month

IDO (TRUST SWAP)28 Feb — 28 Feb 2022

$ 0.50 $282,500.00 565,00050% unlock at TGE and 50% next month


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