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Strategy, Simulation
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Legacy is a business simulation and strategy blockchain game where players can showcase their entrepreneurial skills, strategic planning, and creativity in a competitive environment. The game revolves around creating, growing, and managing your own business, providing a platform for creativity and innovation. The game is available on PC.


Legacy's gameplay is centered around business and strategic planning. Players start their journey by acquiring land deeds, constructing buildings, and creating products to sell in the market. The game offers a blend of management and creativity, where every decision impacts the success of the business. Players who own Legacy Land Deeds also become leaders of Legacy guilds, sharing rewards with other players who join their guild using Legacy Keys.

In Legacy, there are two main player roles: key players and deed owners. Key players can fully engage in the game, from land development to participating in events, by choosing a Legacy Key and joining a guild. Deed owners have the advantage of issuing Legacy Keys and sharing in the rewards earned in various events. The rarity of a land deed also influences the rewards, with rarer deeds offering higher multipliers for event placements.

Players can design and manufacture products, trade in the market, and work towards maximizing profits. The customization options are extensive, allowing players to tailor their businesses and towns to their liking.

Legacy features an in-game currency called Gems, used for entering various competitive events and other strategic purposes within the game. Players can earn Gems daily through the Gem Mine, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in events without additional cost.

The game also offers different leagues for events, catering to players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Event participation is crucial as it serves as a faucet and sink for the game's economy, requiring Gems to enter and distributing rewards based on Legacy Tickets.

Token Information

GALA token is the cornerstone of Legacy's economy. It facilitates various transactions within the game, including the purchase of land, buildings, Gems, and more. GALA can be used to buy Gems, which are essential for participating in competitive events. The game's economy is dynamic, with the GALA spent on Gems contributing to the daily reward pool. This pool then gets distributed as rewards to players based on the Legacy Tickets they earn from event placements.

Legacy Tickets earned through participation in events are converted into GALA daily based on the total available reward pool. The reward pool is initially filled with a portion of the GALA spent on Gems and will later include a percentage of the GALA spent on other in-game items.


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