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Lucky Farmer

Lucky Farmer

Strategy, Simulation, Arcade


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Lucky Farmer is a strategy arcade blockchain game that transports players to a virtual farm. The pusher nature of the game allows players to activate slot machines in order to drop medals. Players have the opportunity to win DEAPcoin in this farm-themed universe. The game is available on PC and mobile.


At its core, Lucky Farmer operates as a pusher game. Players drop medals onto a field, and these medals are pushed forward, potentially falling into a wagon, thus activating the slot machine. The slot machine contains a variety of patterns, each triggering a unique action:

Lucky Farmer utilizes two types of NFTs: Farmland NFTs and Character NFTs. Farmland NFTs, ranging from one star to four stars in rarity, bring valuable rewards, with higher rarities offering increased DEP medal rewards. The monthly update of DEP unit prices ensures transparency for players. Character NFTs, on the other hand, serve cosmetic purposes, allowing players to personalize their in-game experience.

Players can strategically set their Farmland NFTs to participate in two types of rankings: regular ranking and owner ranking. The latter, exclusive to Farmland NFT holders, offers higher ranking rewards. Pet patterns in the slot activate unique skills, adding another layer of strategy as players aim to maximize their chances of winning.

The game introduces Bingo as a rewarding mechanic, where players achieve Bingo by aligning numbers obtained from eggs vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Successful bingos result in medal rewards, and filling the entire Bingo card unlocks the coveted jackpot for even more medals.

The Lucky Gauge, essential for inserting medals, decreases with each medal insertion but can be restored through login bonuses or DEP payments. The recovery cost increases with each use, providing an element of resource management.

To enhance the gameplay, there are items available to players like Fence, Coin Pusher, Claw, and Wide Wagon that block sides, push medals, select objects, and widen the wagon for easier medal catching.

Tasks, including general and NFT tasks, can be reset daily or weekly, offering players continuous challenges. However, NFT tasks are tied to Farmland NFTs, encouraging players to explore different setups for varied experiences.

Unique crops like apples and corn, obtained through Farmland NFTs, add diversity to the gameplay. Seasons and characteristics further influence the gameplay, affecting the chances of winning slots and aligning pet patterns. Fertilizer of the same rarity as the Farmland NFT enhances DEP rewards with an endurance value and compatibility requirement, adding a layer of resource management to the game.

Token Information

Within Lucky Farmer, the DEAPcoin (DEP) holds significant value. By engaging in gameplay elements like Fever Time, players have the chance to earn DEAPcoin. The game’s marketplace facilitates the usage of DEAPcoin.


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