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Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires



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Medieval Empires is a strategy blockchain game that offers a narrative where players assume the role of Ertugrul Gazi, a renowned tribal warrior and leader of the Kayi tribe. The game allows players to delve into an epic conflict where Ertuğrul Gazi's Tribe clashes with the English Crusaders, led by the future King Edward 1st, also known as Edward Longshanks or the Hammer of the Scots. Medieval Empires is set on the Polygon network and is available on PC and mobile platforms.


In Medieval Empires, players assume the mantle of a medieval war hero, initially governing a small village in the Frontier Region of Turkey. Players’ quest begins with the construction of towns, trading ventures, alliances, and a continuous struggle for survival and dominance in a harsh and unforgiving era. The game introduces a passive PvE area where players nurture their town's growth while defending it against relentless invasions.

Landownership plays a pivotal role, and players can become landowners through NFTs. These lands serve as the foundation for towns, and their owners can levy taxes on other players looking to establish their settlements, creating a dynamic economic ecosystem within the game.

Simultaneously, the game offers a plethora of events taking place in various provinces. Players can participate in these events by establishing temporary camps, engaging in intense PvP battles, and undertaking aggressive PvE missions to reap substantial rewards and achieve fame.

Medieval Empires presents multiple paths for players to follow. Competitive gamers can focus on battling foes and building powerful empires, while those less inclined towards conflict can immerse themselves in managing their lands and clans or indulge in lucrative trading with other players for in-game items, some of which are exchangeable for cryptocurrency.

As players expand their influence and territories, the game's universe evolves with the introduction of new leaders and regions. Future updates promise to introduce additional factions, including the Mongols, Byzantines, and Mamluks, further enriching the gameplay and strategic possibilities.

Token Information

Functioning as the fundamental utility token, MEE takes on the role of in-game currency, facilitating transactions and serving as a versatile medium for players to access various in-game benefits. MEE is the primary currency for trades, allowing players to acquire game coins and items.

Further contributing to the intricate game economy, MEE becomes the preferred currency for P2P taxes, land rent, and unlocking essential upgrades within the game.

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