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MetaCene is a blockchain post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online RPG that allows players to form guilds, battle against each other, and create their own NFT weapons and assets with MUD tokens in a virtual world. Players are thrust into a world changed by a catastrophic superstorm, freezing all life for an extended period and nearly wiping out humanity. The game is available on PC.


MetaCene introduces player co-governance. Players can establish their own decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and guilds, which contribute to the game's economy and generate tax revenue through self-governance. This system grants players full autonomy over the world they inhabit. Furthermore, the game fosters player co-creation, allowing players to design and contribute new buildings, weapons, costumes, and mods through an in-game editing system. Collaborative sharing and co-creation form the foundation of MetaCene's world.

Player-owned assets are a critical aspect of MetaCene's gameplay. Users can mine and craft in-game assets using mining machines, generating revenue. These assets include land, real estate, mining machines, and a wide array of property props.

The game features various enhancement options; upgrading items is an essential aspect of gameplay. This includes forging equipment, enhancing its attributes, embedding wafers, upgrading stars, and polishing sockets. Players can strategically enhance their equipment to gain an advantage in their adventures. Skills also play a crucial role in MetaCene, and players can switch between different weapons, each offering unique skills. Players can configure quick skills to streamline their combat experience.

Joining or creating guilds is a significant part of MetaCene's social gameplay. The guild interface allows players to access guild details, make membership decisions, and engage in guild-related activities. The game features rankings across various dimensions, including levels, power, PVP performance, and MUD achievements.

Resource gathering is another key gameplay element, with players synthesizing ores and wafers to create valuable materials. Success in synthesis depends on the quality of the materials used. Pharmacology allows players to manufacture essential potions using available formulas. By collecting materials and activating formulas, players can produce a variety of potions to aid them in their adventures.

Mining mechas are essential for resource gathering in MetaCene. Players can deploy their mining mechas to specific locations and initiate mining activities. The mining interface provides information on owned mechas and their current activities.

PVP modes in MetaCene include Peace and Killing. In Peace mode, players cannot attack others, while Killing mode allows for combat against non-teammates and non-guild members. The game designates different zones, such as safe, neutral, and killing zones, each with its own rules regarding PVP engagement and consequences for aggressive actions. Players engaging in PVP may enter a "Red Alert" status, signifying their hostile intent. Red Alert killers have the chance to acquire the equipment of defeated players. Accumulating a high kill count as a Red Alert player may result in imprisonment, but this status can be reduced by slaying monsters. In the Neutral Zone, players must activate killing mode to participate in PVP, while the Killing Zone permits PVP without the risk of imprisonment.

Token Information

MUD tokens serve as the primary in-game currency, facilitating various activities and transactions. Players can earn MUD tokens by completing achievements, participating in challenges, joining tournaments, and winning PVP battles where tokens are wagered. They also act as governance tokens, offering players a say in the game's ecosystem.


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