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Metarrior is a play-to-earn blockchain arcade RPG game that brings together the elements of Match-3 gameplay and strategy while using MEWA and SOG tokens. It offers a captivating gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in a fantasy world where they can truly own and trade gaming assets. The game introduces a groundbreaking concept known as Skill-up-to-Earn NFT puzzle gaming. Metarrior seamlessly blends the beloved Match-3 puzzle-solving mechanics with a role-playing game framework. In this remarkable fusion, players interact with captivating characters and explore the in-game world while enjoying exciting puzzle challenges.


Metarrior's gameplay revolves around collecting and controlling warriors across six Kingdoms: Elf, Human, Dwarf, Halfblood, Guardian, and Dark. Players can engage in thrilling game modes such as Mission, Campaign, Tower of Time, and PvP battles.

In Mission mode, players take on a traditional Match-3 game with a twist. They need to use their Energy points wisely to enter the mode and regenerate Energy by deploying NFT warriors with different rarities. The top 100 players on the Mission Mode Leaderboard are rewarded with Spinning Tickets every Monday.

Campaign mode, on the other hand, features multiple chapters with varying stages. Players progress through these stages, facing increasingly powerful foes. To triumph, players must continually level up their warriors and devise effective team formations. The Campaign mode offers an excellent opportunity for newcomers to learn the game's mechanics and earn valuable resources.

The Tower of Time presents hundreds of floors waiting to be explored. Unlike other game modes, players don't fight demons or creatures here but instead challenge other Metarrior warriors. The difficulty of opponents increases with each floor, prompting players to enhance their warriors' strength and develop strategic approaches. Rewards, including gold, SOG tokens, and non-NFT warrior fragments, await those who successfully clear floors.

PvP battles allow players to compete against each other to earn points and improve their rankings on the leaderboard. Players have limited daily turns, but they can purchase more for extended play. In addition to in-game rewards, players can earn the MEWA token in PvP mode.

Token Information

Metarrior utilizes two essential tokens within its ecosystem: MEWA and SOG. MEWA, the governance token, plays a vital role in Metarrior. With a total supply of 5 billion tokens, MEWA is tradeable in the market and appeals to both gamers and crypto investors. The token finds extensive use in various activities, such as claiming land, paying tournament entry fees, buying arena tickets, and covering betting costs. Additionally, MEWA is used for breeding pets, merging NFTs, and crafting in-game items. As a governance token, MEWA serves as a reward for active players who engage in tournaments, guild wars, and PvP modes. Players who achieve top positions in these events are incentivized with MEWA tokens.

SOG, on the other hand, is primarily used in single-player modes. Players can earn or spend SOG as rewards or entry fees for quests, treasure hunts, boss raids, campaigns, the Tower of Time, or the arena mode. The token allows players to summon heroes and pets, reset skills, buy mission tickets, and unlock bag slots, among other uses. Furthermore, SOG can be staked or reinvested to participate in various quests and challenges. As the in-game token, SOG reflects a player's health or energy, signifying their power and abilities. The more SOG a player possesses, the more potent they become, leading to increased victories and rewards within the Metarrior.


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