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Arcade, RPG, Strategy, Adventure, Metaverse


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MOBOX is a play-to-earn GameFi platform that utilizes the BSC network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, MBOX. In MOBOX, players can participate in various games with different earning possibilities in order to gain virtual rewards.


Players can play and earn in various different ways on the MOBOX platform. There are multiple games in MOBOX GameFi with different gameplay. They require NFT MOMOs, or characters with different earning rates, from these games and through staking, farming, and mining. Here are the games within the MOBOX metaverse:

MOMO: Token Master is a casual turn-based idle game where players can collect tokens by robbing friends and foes. Players can also use tokens to play a game of chance called Token Twirl and Whirl, where they can win 2X, 5X, 10X, or even 10000X the amount of tokens they use to play. Players can also assemble teams of 3 MOMOs to loot tokens from other players. At the end of each season, there will be three leaderboards: Total Tokens accumulated, Twirl and Whirl, and Stars leaderboard. The players on the leaderboards will be rewarded.

MOMO: Block Brawler is a real-time casual idle thriller game where players can obtain talent points, equipment, and skill gems through various challenges. Players can then use these resources to form powerful combat strategies and take on various bosses or fight against other players. Players can gain talents, equipment, skills and other resources at a certain rate depending on their MOMO hash power. Players can consume talent points to light up the talent tree and gain powerful attribute bonuses and special skills. Players can also equip various gear and collect sets to gain special bonus effects and inlay skills onto their equipment to gain additional bonus effects. There will be two leaderboards, Boss kill board and ladder, and at the end of each season, each leaderboard will be reset and players on the leaderboard will be rewarded.

MOMO: ChainZ Arena MOBOX Edition is an idle RPG game that is cross blockchain and cross platform, giving players a unique gaming experience. Players can participate in battle quests and arena gameplay while exploring the ChainZ Arena World.

MOMO: MOland Defense is a tower defense game with futuristic technology elements. Players take on the role of a commander and recruit heroes to form an army, collect equipment, find the best defense strategy, and command the heroes to fight and defeat the enemies' attack. The heroes are divided into four camps, and each camp has its own unique characteristics. Players need to make their own choices and team up with different heroes. Players can also join a legion and fight with other players, occupy cities, plunder resources and team up to challenge bosses.

MOMO: Clash of MOland is a SLG war strategy game with fantasy-themed elements. Players become lords, building castles, recruiting heroes, forming alliances, collecting resources, occupying cities, and becoming the king of the land. Players can fight with other players, join the legion to participate in alliance wars, find the best war strategy with allies, defeat all enemies, and build their own empire together.

MOBLOX also has a guild system where players can share NFTs, fees, and rewards and compete against other guilds. To earn in MOBLOX, players can participate in yield farming on the MOBOX platform, participate in momo NFT mining, can unlock mystery boxes for rewards and participate in games for regular rewards.

Token Information

MBOX is the main and governance token of the platform. MBOX tokens allow people to have voting rights in the DAO. It can be staked in liquidity pools or used in yield farming. MBOX allows for all kinds of transactions within the game and can be traded on other crypto exchanges. It can also be earned by only playing the game.


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