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Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee

Mystic Moose
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Mojo Melee is an auto-battler strategy blockchain game that is a part of the Planet Mojo ecosystem. It is based around the traditional auto-battler genre, allowing players to strategically prepare their teams and select units for battle. Mojo Melee is the flagship game within the Planet Mojo metaverse, and it is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Mojo Melee offers an engaging gameplay experience centered around assembling powerful teams and engaging in intense battles. At its core is the strategic aspect of team building, where players meticulously select and organize their champions to optimize their chances of victory. Players can assign various roles to their champions, such as Damage Dealer, Brawler, Tank, and Caster, each bringing unique abilities and strengths to the battlefield.

Each match within a tournament consists of a planning phase where players can upgrade and deploy their teams. As the combat phase begins, players watch their teams duke it out in rounds. Gold is earned at the start of each round, which can be spent in the shop to purchase champions or spells pre-selected prior to queuing up.

Among the roles available, Damage Dealers like Dawn Striker and Dark Brightley excel at dealing heavy damage, while Tanks like Brooka Clawhaven and Batakamus Rex specialize in absorbing damage and protecting teammates.

To deepen the strategic depth of battles, Mojo Melee introduces SpellStones, crucial tools that can turn the tide of battle. Season 2 brings new SpellStones like Haste and Chaos, each adding unique strategic elements to the gameplay. Additionally, units gain energy during combat, allowing them to unleash special abilities that can change the course of battle.

Victory in battles rewards players with tangible upgrades and rewards, enabling them to progressively enhance their teams and unlock new abilities. Season 2: Mark of Deception brings fresh content and challenges, resetting ranks and trophy counts to usher in a renewed competitive landscape.

Token Information

In Mojo Melee, players can buy Mojo NFTs that vary in rarity and stats, with the rarer ones being more valuable. The marketplace provides a platform for players to engage in trading, building their collections, and improving their gameplay.


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