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Monsterra is a free-to-play play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy game that utilizes BNB, Avalanche, and Terra networks with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, MSTR & MAG. In Monsterra players develop their Mongens, take on solo adventures, battle out other players in PvP arenas, and can earn passive income through developing their land plots.


The game is situated in a fictional universe and is focused on farming, property development, and war with other regions using magical beings known as Mongen. Monsterra's design mixes the free-to-play and free-to-earn business models.

In Monsterra game, the main characters are called "Mongen“. Each Mongen has a unique rarity created by unique DNA codes. These creatures can be used to produce resources or income, defend player's lands and attack other players or go on adventures.

There are different races such as Beast, Tectos, Mystic, and three more unannounced to be added later. With different breeding options and countless combinations players can add to their Mongens they increase in rarity and become tradable NFTs on their own.

The lands in Monsterra are also unique. The Plot is an area of land on the Monsterra world. Each Plot represents a particular part of the environment. There are eight different types of plots in the game. 

For example, there is the Landcore: The core of land is the symbol of the land. It stands for limitation of development. Players can upgrade the land core plot’s rarity to boost their exploitation capability. Or the Habitat in which every Mongens needs a place to live before they're ready to do anything. And the Breeding Den: Romantic place where Mongen mates with others to create Soulcores which then can be hatched in Hatchery, giving birth to a Mongen.

Players can choose from four different battle modes in Monsterra. They train their Mongen squads under their direction, helping them to conquer new ground and reap rewards.

In the Adventure mode, the player employs the Raid land battle mechanism, sending his Mongens to assault an NPC land.

Players command their Mongen troops as they travel to new places and look for untapped resources to increase their wealth. Players enter these uncharted areas and overcome the challenges they face by using leadership skills and tactical methods to get the most out of the available resources.

Then comes The Boss challenge mode. It follows the Raid land mechanism. Players lead their Mongen armies to conquer the surrounding lands inhabited by dreadful beasts. If players gain the battle victory, the occupied land will belong to them, and their territory will be expanded accordingly.

The Battlefront mode works as the in-game PvP siege mechanism. The Raid land battle mechanism is also used in the Battlefront mode. Players command their Mongen armies in this battle mode to invade other players' lands and rob them of their resources. These looted resources are regarded as the conquering empires' spoils of war. Successful defensive landowners will be granted a certain amount of resources as spoils.

And lastly, the PvP aspect of the game is the arena mode. Players command their Mongens units in this arena mode as they engage in combat with one another for betting payouts.

Players enter the arena combat by placing bets against each other for a predetermined number of MAG tokens. All wagers will be paid out to the winner, while the loser will be charged a 5 percent game fee.

The Battle is the critical production source of the in-game reward stream. The Battle offers players various rewarding incentives to gain additional value or extra capital to reinvest. But they can also gain resources by farming their lands and additional NFTs from the prizes after their battles.

Depending on their financial condition, Monsterra users can choose to use free resources or spend real money on in-game assets. Players can still use all of the game's features when using free assets. While players who invest more money in NFTs items can accelerate the building of a defense empire and generate profits more quickly during battles and events, those who use free assets or have a small amount of capital will have to invest more time and effort into farming, building an empire with wealthy properties, and Mongens. Gamers must put up their own intelligent approach to maximize the profit made, regardless of the size of the investment. Monsterra provides daily adventures at no cost.

In Monsterra players can trade their NFT Mongens, NFT Lands, items and resources in the Marketplace for earning the primary utility token MSTR, In game MAG currency is to be used in speeding up ingame mechanisms such as breeding fees, arena fees, or for skipping time. Whilst MSTR can be used for staking, yield farming, voting rights in the decentralized organization (DAO) and to be used on crypto exchanges.

Token Information

MSTR is a primary token with a limited supply total of 100 Million MSTR tokens. The token will be used across all the products and services of the ecosystem. Players and investors need to buy MSTR to interact with Monsterra metaverse. MSTR is the in-game currency used for transactions (purchasing lands and items at marketplaces) or advanced in-game activities. Users stake MSTR in the staking pools and receive rewards from the game & incentives from the shared revenue stream. Players need to hold and stake MSTR to participate in the Governance structure in the DAO of Monsterra. Contributors will also receive rewards for their contribution to the sustainable growth of the game. MAG is a secondary token used across all the activities in the Monsterra game and will only be used in speeding up the in-game mechanics of the game and not in trading Mongens or land plots.


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