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In Development
Oxalis Games
RPG, Simulation
Not available


Moonfrost is a free-to-play blockhain life simulation farming RPG game coming to PC and mobile where players will expand their farms and interact with the world and other players. Players can earn in-game NFTs and FROST tokens on the Solana network by playing the game.


Moonfrost is a live-service, free-to-play multiplayer game that will offer players a premium-quality life-sim farming RPG, drawing inspiration from beloved classics such as Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and the Zelda franchise to create an experience that is both familiar and refreshingly unique.

Players will be transported to a living, breathing next-gen pixel art gameworld full of life and color, tasking them with farming crops and gathering resources of varying rarity in order to earn an ever-expanding collection of either time- or quantity-limited craftable (and tradable) rewards that allow them to not only access new gear but also customize both themselves and their environment to their liking. By unleashing their creativity and gradually improving their homestead over time using the rewards they have earned through gameplay, new NPCs will be attracted to the neighboring village, each offering new stories to unravel, rewards to earn, upgrades to pursue, and distinct gameplay to engage with.

As the game evolves over time, additional mechanics and features will be added based on what the team believes will make its players happiest as well as community feedback, ranging from fishing and combat to NPC romancing and caring for livestock, gradually introducing new in-game "Clubs" that players can progress with and earn unique rewards from.

Each Season of Moonfrost released by Oxalis will include new chapters in the story, new locations, and new rewards (including Season-based NFTs) to earn through gameplay while they are available, including fantastical optional NPCs that will offer a wide range of in-game benefits.  Players will be unable to farm tokens through in-game grind mechanics, but will definitely be able to trade the NFTs of varying scarcity and category that they have earned with other players, offering owners early access to new content or exclusive bonus rewards.

At its highest level, Moonfrost is a game about the connections between people overcoming their differences and uniting in a time of division and distrust against a far greater threat, delivered in a pixel-perfect package that Oxalis hopes their players will play (and remember) for years to come.

Token Information

Moonfrost will use the FROST token as its main utility currency and will utilize Solana (SPL Standard token) blockchain technology. FROST can be used to stake and gain rewards by trading and buying premium items such as NFTs.

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Launchpad sale

Moonfrost IDO (Solanium)21 May — 24 May 2022$0.30  $ 54,000.00 180,000Locked until IEO. Monthly release for 3 months.1,000,000,000

2,000,000100% unlock at Token Generation Event1,000,000,000

$4,500,000.00 112,500,000Locked until 3 months after the Token Generation Event (TGE). 2 years vesting; every 3 months 12.5% of the total locked amount is unlocked1,000,000,000


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