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In Development
Moonfrost Team
RPG, Simulation
Not available


Moonfrost is a free-to-play play-to-earn simulation RPG game coming to PC and mobile where players will expand their farms, and interact with the world and the other players. Players can earn ingame NFTs and FROST tokens on Solana network by playing the game.


Moonfrost is a social simulation and roleplaying game with retro pixel visuals and pastel colors that is influenced by titles like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley.

It's a 2D metaverse where players can interact with other players and non-player characters and become engaged in their storylines. It's a multiplayer, social online game where players may interact with other people and make friends, rescue animals, raise them, go on adventures, fall in love, and make money.

Moonfrost initially functions as an animal sanctuary and farming simulator. Each player has access to a parcel of land on which they can construct their ideal farmhouse in any style they like. players can raise animals for farm use and as pets, trade with other farmers, aid other people, and cultivate plants, trees, crops or even marry.

The game environment will gradually form a settlement around players home where they can interact with other characters and learn about their stories as well as meet new ones.

Game is strictly free to play and requires no initial investments, thus spending is optional: Should players want to buy tokens they will be purchasable in-game with a single click/tap rather than exclusively through the process of buying them on an exchange and transferring them into the game. 

Moonfrost will release a regular steady supply of limited edition NFTs and other game content that all active players should be able to afford or obtain through play. The game will also include the chance to acquire rare items dropped during gameplay that have the potential to be worth a lot. The core gameplay will not include grind mechanics where players can farm tokens, instead, Moonfrost approaches the earn mechanics through its NFTs, which could either be traded or simply gained by playing the game.

Token Information

Moonfrost will use the FROST token as its main utility currency and will utilise Solana (SPL Standard token) blockchain technology. FROST can be used to stake and gain rewards, trading and buying premium items such as NFTs. Moonfrost will not have an in-game currency token (QUID)

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Launchpad sale

Moonfrost IDO (Solanium)21 May — 24 May 2022$0.30  $ 54,000.00 180,000Locked until IEO. Monthly release for 3 months.1,000,000,000

2,000,000100% unlock at Token Generation Event1,000,000,000

$4,500,000.00 112,500,000Locked until 3 months after the Token Generation Event (TGE). 2 years vesting; every 3 months 12.5% of the total locked amount is unlocked1,000,000,000


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