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My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes

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My Crypto Heroes is a play-to-earn massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can own NFT characters and items while also earning MCHC tokens that are built on the Ethereum network. Besides MCHC, there are GUM, CI, and CP tokens that are utilized for different aspects of My Crypto Heroes. The game is available to play on both mobile and PC platforms.


In My Crypto Heroes, there are two game modes. PvE mode consists of players sending their heroes into dungeons to gain experience points and find rare NFT items. Experience points can be used to level up assets. PvP mode allows players to compete against others in tournaments. The highest-ranking players on the leaderboard are rewarded NFT items.

All heroes are based on historical figures. Heroes can range from five rarities; common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Each rarity has a defined total supply limit, with legendary being the lowest. Weapons are called extensions in the game. Each hero can equip two extensions that boost their attributes. Replica heroes and extensions are non-NFT and they reset back to level one after seven days of usage.

Players can join one of the nine lands in the game by purchasing a sector. These lands act as factions that feature kings, maestros, lords, and citizens. Lords are the owners of the lands and they gain profit from each member recruited. Kings are the three players whose land ownership ratio exceeds more than 10%. Maestros are the right hands of kings who are chosen by them. Citizens are the regular members of the lands.

There are four professions that the players can choose to do with their characters. Farmers can go on quests to find rare NFT items and sell them to earn GUM tokens. Warriors can fight in arenas, land battles, and tournaments for items. Creators can make hero skins and sell them on the market to earn GUM tokens. Traders can buy items from the market and supply equipment for farmers and warriors.

Token Information

MCHC (My Crypto Heroes Coin) is the original token issued by the game that acts as a governance token. It is obtainable by exchanging other in-game tokens. GUM is awarded for in-game participation or can be bought from the markets. GUM can be used to buy NFTs, which awards CP (Cryptonium). Players can stake CP to earn CI (Crypto Ingot). Lastly, CI can be exchanged for MCHC tokens.


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