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NFL Rivals

NFL Rivals

Mythical Games
Sports, Strategy


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NFL Rivals is a free-to-play blockchain sports game that puts the player in the shoes of an NFL general manager, allowing them to build and manage a team of NFL superstars. The game has a digital collectible system that allows players to collect NFT player cards. These card collections and all the NFL content in the games are officially licensed. The game is available to play on mobile devices.


NFL Rivals offers a gameplay experience that combines arcade-style football with strategic team management. As a general manager in NFL Rivals, players are tasked with assembling a dream team. They have the opportunity to collect various kinds of player NFTs, ranging from limited-edition player cards to common ones. Rarer cards have different cosmetic designs and superior stats, making them more valuable for each player.

Players can take their team onto the field and engage in football matches against other players. Matches are fast-paced; they generally take a few minutes to complete. When players enter a match, they will be playing on the attacker side only; the defensive side is automated based on their teams’ stats. The victorious players gain experience, league points, and in-game currency based on their performance. Players can also complete various in-game achievements to earn in-game currency.

Collecting player cards is a central part of NFL Rivals. Players have the chance to unlock digital collectibles of NFL stars as they play the game. These cards can be upgraded to maximize their team's potential. Players can build their team and strategize freely; they might prefer a star quarterback, a formidable linebacker, or a speedy wide receiver.

NFL Rivals allows players to join a squad with other players to climb the leaderboards and earn in-game rewards. They can team up with friends or fellow players to rise to the top of the rankings. The facemasks represent their guilds. Players who own facemasks can create guilds and invite other players to join. Moreover, the game offers exclusive events that provide different challenges. These events give players the chance to showcase their team's strength and earn additional rewards.

Token Information

MYTHOS token can be used in the NFL Rivals marketplace to buy and trade player NFTs. Players can log in to the marketplace with their in-game account and choose an NFT player to buy. These NFTs differ in stats according to their rarity. The rarer they are, the more valuable they will be. Players can also sell their NFTs through the marketplace by creating listings.


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