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Olympus Game

Olympus Game

Olympus Game AD, Uni-Bit Studio
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Olympus Game is a free-to-play, play-to-earn 3D tower rush strategy game that utilizes the BNB chain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, OLYMPG and OLYMP. In Olympus Game, players will be able to play, earn, and progress in an ancient Greece setting in PvP game modes. 


The Game’s story takes place in ancient Greece on Mount Olympus which had become a playground for the Mythological Pantheon of Greece. After a fall of faith among humans, they decided to test the strength of the Greek gods to see if their power still holds and if the gods are still worthy of being worshiped.

The gameplay is in classical tower rush/tower defense format in PvP. The players builds their deck of eight cards before the game begins and use these cards to destroy the opponent's temple to win. Before beginning their PvP the players must spend OLYMP on the P2E (Play-to-Earn) starting booster to begin playing on the P2E aspect of the game. These beginning cards come in a total of 8 and will be the same for everyone. 

Olympus Game has three gameplay modes in total. The Free to play mode, where players can try out the game before making an initial investment of in-game cards with no blockchain aspect involved. 

In Scholarship mode, the players can rent cards from other players and will allow players to pool their earnings. 

And lastly, the normal PvP, or what is known as P2E mode in-game. In this mode, players will need to purchase a starting booster, but they will own the cards they have and win in-game as NFTs. 

The player will utilize "nectar," a finite resource that regenerates automatically after a certain period, to put a card onto the battlefield. The goal is to predict the opposing player's move and play the right card at the right time. The player receives a chest after winning six games. The chest can be common, rare, or legendary. Resulting in better NFT rewards after unlocking them. These cards are upgradable NFTs by spending OLYMPG. They will become rarer and have better in-game properties after being upgraded after which the player can decide to either sell them or use them in-game. The players also gain experience points when they upgrade their cards; after gaining a set number of XP, they level up and receive OLYMP token as a reward.

When a player wins a game, they are awarded in-game resources alongside OLYMPG tokens. The amount of OLYMPG they receive is based on their PvP rankings on the leaderboard. The game will also feature an esports aspect with a limited number of tokens of OLYMP allocated solely for the esports rewards. The players can also earn by completing quests. Every day and every week there will be random challenges for players to undertake to earn more OLYMPG, in-game resources, and chests.

The players will be able to sell their upgraded cards on the NFT marketplace inside the Olympus Game. There will also be additional NFTs that take the form of skins and change the appearance of players' temples and towers in the game while also increasing OLYMPG earnings.

Token Information

There are two tokens developed for the Olympus game on the BSC Blockchain. The OLYMP (Governance token) will be used to buy the P2E starter booster, make purchases on the NFT marketplace, vote during the community questions and decide about the future updates of the game, earn staking rewards, use the streamer donating system, and earn when leveling up. The second utility token, the OLYMPG (P2E token), can be used to earn by winning games. It can be used for upgrading cards and for buying chests. The players can also earn OLYMPG when someone wins a game with their decks via the scholarship program and from the game’s esports events. 


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