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Planet IX

Planet IX



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Planet IX is a play-to-earn NFT-based strategy game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, IXT. In Planet IX players will play on a virtual copy of planet Earth, by collecting NFT lands they will restore the planet to its former green and blue glory and monetize their earnings.


The main goal of the game is to redevelop the desolate Earth to its former self. Players will do this by collecting NFT lands known as PIX that come in a total number of 1.6 billion.

These PIX are divided into different classifications and tiers depending on where they’re located and some are rarer than others. They are basically landscapes ranging from common tier PIXs such as deserts or arctic tundras to legendary NFTs such as capital cities. The map works as a player’s both gameplay and search function in their journey to acquire PIX lands.

The goal for all Planet IX players is to collect as many PIX as possible next to each other and create and form coherent land territories on the map. Players can either make an initial NFT land investment to begin earning and growing their territory, or they can engage in automated missions through Mission Control to earn in-game rewards and IXT tokens to acquire lands in the future.

Players will need to spend tokens in order to earn these NFT lands, they can do so through the marketplace or by earning in-game resources and IXT tokens by performing in-game activities.

If they do not have any land to begin with, they can raid other players and help clean their land but keep the bounty. The bounty is Waste, which they can process or burn to receive other consumable NFTs and or use it to build facilities and begin to farm Energy. Energy is created from Facilities and later staked for IXT tokens or Planet IX rewards. Players can also utilize their land in the Mission Control menu, where they can stake land to start cleaning the planet and earning income. They can also earn resources through the facilities they build on their lands.

Planet IX puts the NFTs in the center of its strategy-based gameplay and P2E mechanics. Each territory requires more connected PIX next to each other until players finally reach the largest stage of a domain. When they reach the territory level Area, they can start receiving rewards from their territory through staking. The larger the territory player stakes the higher the rewards they will receive.

Token Information

IXT is the game’s main governance and utility token. It can be earned via staking PIX lands or trading/earning resources in-game and can be used to buy PIX in the Planet IX Marketplace.


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