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R Games

R Games

Gyro Studios
Racing, Metaverse, Sports


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R Games is a racing blockchain game that features Formula One racing set in a futuristic world. The game is developed by Gyros Studios and powered by Unreal and Unity engines. Currently in its Alpha version, R Games incorporates precise engineering, artificial intelligence, and a player-centric economic model. The game is available on both PC and mobile platforms.


R Games introduces a racing universe where players can engage in different racing modes, each offering various challenges and rewards. The game's custom vehicle design feature allows for a personalized racing experience, enabling players to modify and upgrade their vehicles to suit their racing style.

Players can earn through diverse activities like developing content, competing in races, or even watching events within the game. The Alpha version of R Games is accessible to all, providing a sneak peek into its dynamic racing ecosystem. With the transition to the Beta version, the game will introduce NFTs as essential elements, including consumables and game assets like vehicles, which are pivotal for competing in races and unlocking the game's full potential.

At its core, R Games is a gaming platform. It provides an array of gaming modes, from the high-octane Formula R mode to challenging off-road truck adventures. The game allows players to create, interact, and trade in-game assets as NFTs, all enhanced by AI. This fusion of elements aims to deliver not only a deeply engaging gaming experience but also opportunities for players to earn through various in-game activities.

To start playing R Games, new players need to acquire NFTs, either from Initial NFT Offerings (INO) or the marketplace. Once equipped with the necessary NFTs, players can download the game, connect their wallets, and embark into the electrifying world of R Games racing, where strategy, skill, and speed are of the utmost importance.

Token Information

R Games is supported by its native token, RGAME, which plays a central role in the game's economy. Operating on both the BSC and Solana networks, RGAME facilitates in-game transactions, allowing players to buy upgrades, NFTs, and other essential items. As the governing token, it empowers the community, giving players a voice in the game's development and feature updates, ensuring a democratic and evolving gameplay experience.

Players can earn RGAME through various activities within the game, such as participating in races, tournaments, and weekly leaderboards, or by engaging in competitive matches. This economic model not only enhances the gaming experience but also provides a tangible reward system, encouraging continued engagement and community growth.


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