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Reality Metaverse

Reality Metaverse

Reality Metaverse
Metaverse, Simulation


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Reality Metaverse is a blockchain game and metaverse platform that forms a bridge between reality and the metaverse by tokenizing iconic landmarks, integrating them with mobile games, and utilizing the RMV token. The platform allows users from both Web2 and Web3 to coexist in a digital realm where real-world landmarks are tokenized into NFTs.  Reality NFTs create an ecosystem where players can own, trade, and profit from virtual real estate. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Reality Metaverse provides players with a gameplay experience that enables them to own and trade NFTs representing iconic landmarks globally. Landlord GO, the flagship mobile game integrated into the Reality NFT ecosystem, serves as the gateway for users to become virtual landlords.

The initial NFT collection consists of 2,000 NFTs, each corresponding to countries, cities, and renowned buildings. These NFTs feature high-quality 3D models, and players can participate in public auctions on the Reality NFT website or collaborate with top NFT marketplaces to acquire them. The introduction of fractional fNFTs makes landmark ownership accessible to a wider audience, allowing users to earn royalties based on their ownership percentage.

The Reality Ecosystem features the NFT Explorer, the NFT Marketplace, and NFT cards. First and foremost, the NFT Explorer provides users with a tool to navigate the digital landscape. With an authentic representation of real-world cities, countries, and landmarks through 3D models, users can explore and sort through NFTs. Additionally, the NFT Marketplace within the Reality Metaverse website serves as a hub for transactions. Operating as both a primary and secondary marketplace, users engage in fNFT purchases, auctions, and trades using various tokens, including RMV and USDC. Moreover, NFT cards display comprehensive property-specific information, from essential details like name and address to real-time royalty revenue and transaction history.

Gameplay also extends beyond Landlord GO, with plans to integrate NFTs into various games and projects developed by Reality Games. NFT owners not only gain royalties from in-app purchases but also receive a sum of trading royalties from primary and secondary markets, NFT auctions, and rentals.

The project emphasizes community involvement, offering governance rights for decisions on NFT upgrades and additional collections. It is designed for continuous expansion, with monthly releases of new NFT collections and collaborations with NFT marketplaces for visibility and liquidity.

To enter the Reality Metaverse, users can start by purchasing at least one NFT through Reality NFT's website. The platform offers multiple avenues for acquisition, including market listings, loot boxes, daily deals, and top offers for those seeking a more comprehensive collection. Secondary marketplaces like Rarible, OnePlanet, and NFTrade also provide additional options for obtaining NFTs.

Once users have acquired an NFT, they immediately begin earning royalties. The platform provides tools on its website for users to track their income from separate fractions, encouraging further engagement and the improvement of their collections.

Token Information

The RMV utility token serves as the foundation of the Reality NFT ecosystem. Minted on the Ethereum blockchain and bridged to the Polygon Network, RMV acts as the primary utility token across all games in the ecosystem. It provides users with benefits such as discounts on auctions, priority NFT purchases, and governance rights within the community.

RMV is tradable on Uniswap, Coinstore, and Poloniex, with plans for additional listings on exchanges like Kucoin, MEXC, and Bybit. The token plays a role in sustaining the dynamic economy of the game.


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