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Tank Wars Zone

Tank Wars Zone

Tank Wars Zone


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Tank Wars Zone is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game where players can own NFT tanks and earn WBOND and TGOLD tokens. The game is centered around tanks and their upgrades, which can be earned by participating in battles and completing daily quests.The game's unique tank-based gameplay, turn-based battle system, and daily quests offer a new and exciting gaming experience. The game is available to play on browsers.


Tank Wars Zone features seven different classes of tanks, which are ranked from 1 to 5 stars based on their rarity. Each tank comes with its own driver and preset health, attack power, speed, and armor, which increase with rank. Players can upgrade their tanks by earning tokens and staking or trading their NFTs through the game's marketplace.

The game features a control-free, turn-based battle system, where players need at least one tank to participate. There are three types of battlegrounds available, 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5, with 1v1 battles earning the lowest amount of tokens and 5v5 battles earning the highest. Each tank can be equipped with one weapon, one armor piece, one tank tread, and three booster fluids for a battle. Additionally, tanks can be used in five matches per day, and if they are damaged, they need to be repaired with TGOLD before battling again.

The game's PvE content features three different regions at launch, and players can participate in daily quests to level up and earn rewards. Additionally, there will be world boss battles for all players around the world every day, week, and month, where players can earn valuable rewards like booster fluids or TGOLD by dealing more damage to the bosses. PvP battles in Tank Wars Zone require players to have a minimum of three tanks and come in 3v3 battles only.

Token Information

The Tank Wars Zone game uses two tokens, TGOLD, and WBOND. TGOLD tokens are used to repair tanks that have been damaged in battles, and WBOND tokens are used to purchase and upgrade tanks, weapons, armor, tank tread, and booster fluids. Both tokens can be earned by participating in battles, completing daily quests, and staking or trading NFTs.

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