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The Galaxy of Lemuria

The Galaxy of Lemuria

Lemuria Studios SpA
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The Galaxy of Lemuria is a blockchain-based play-to-earn free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game that utilizes NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. The game world is procedurally generated; this means each system you explore will have different elements populating them. The game is available on PC.


The Galaxy of Lemuria has a game structure based on the trading card games. Trading cards form the skill system in the game. Each of these cards acts as a skill that has certain effects and mana costs. Players can customize their builds according to their owned skill cards and trade them with others. Character classes include assassins, berserkers, mages, monks, necromancers, priests, rangers, and warriors. The primary attributes distributed among all classes are strength, agility, intelligence, and vitality. Each class has a mastery system that allows players to utilize special perks and skills.

It is required to complete the storyline quests and reach a certain level before going out on exploring the world freely. Killing monsters, daily quests, main storyline quests, dungeons, and raids all give experience points that allow characters to level up. Free-to-play players can play up to level 20. The upper-level limit is 99. 

Players can craft ships called space explorers to wander around the galaxy and even provide taxi services to other players for profit. Space explorers vary in rarities from rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The passenger limit and travel speed increases the rarer the space explorers get. These attributes can also be upgraded if the players choose to do so.

Exploring and discovering new worlds while surviving the threats is the game's primary goal. Each planet is a self-sustaining ecosystem that features different unique climate systems such as snow, rain, and wind. There are seasonal changes and day/night transitions for every system.

Every player receives a magic chest when they start the game. It acts as a stash that is separate from the player’s inventory. It is upgradeable, and there are NFT and non-NFT variants of this chest. Every planet provides players with building materials. Players can build a home to put their magic chest on each system.

Token Information

The game features a player-owned economy. Players can purchase an NFT from the marketplace to open up earning options. Game resources and items are tokenized and can be sold to other players on secondary markets. The game’s own currency will be revealed in the future after the founder’s pre-sale. The NFTs that are currently available are sold on the game's marketplace.

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