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True City

True City

True City NFT
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True City is a play-to-earn blockchain post-apocalyptic MMORPG, offering players a survival horror experience within a metaverse infested with zombies. True City is developed as a third-person top-down shooter and plays as a survival horror MMORPG. Players can choose to enter True City alone or join forces with other players in a group, navigating through a world filled with various encounters, challenging PvP battles, and engaging tournaments.


In True City, players find themselves in a grim and desolate post-apocalyptic setting where they must make critical decisions that will shape their survival journey. The game features a third-person top-down shooter perspective, immersing players in the chilling atmosphere of a city overrun by zombies and hostile players.

As newcomers to the metaverse, players have the option to take the path of a lone wolf survivor or band together in groups for increased chances of survival. To gain access to the True City metaverse, players need to acquire a Golden Ticket, which serves as the entry barrier to this thrilling and immersive world. Additionally, the first 1000 Origin NFTs sold grant players exclusive content and a Golden Ticket, allowing them to jump right into the action.

In True City, NFTs play a crucial role as in-game weapons. The Origin Collection, consisting of the most potent firearms in the game, provides players with a starting advantage. However, players can upgrade their arsenal and unlock better weapons by outlasting their opponents in hardcore PvP battles, exploring the most dangerous zones, or achieving high rankings in tournaments. These NFT weapons are not just for show; they hold tangible value and serve as valuable assets within the game.

The gameplay experience in True City offers diverse and captivating activities. Players can venture into the city to scavenge resources while confronting zombies and other hostile players. The city's dangers will test their survival skills and strategic thinking as they navigate through perilous encounters.

To determine who among the survivors reigns supreme, True City hosts tournaments where players can compete individually or as part of a group. These tournaments crown the most skilled and resilient survivors, offering them prestigious rewards and recognition within the metaverse.

To begin, players need to create an account and acquire a Golden Ticket, either through purchase or by owning one of the first 1000 Origin NFTs, which automatically grants them access to the metaverse.

Once inside the metaverse, players can engage in various activities to earn USDT, TRU, or NFTs. These activities include participating in tournaments, surviving encounters with zombies and other players, and exploring the hazardous zones of the city to discover valuable resources and powerful weapons. 

Whether as a solo survivor or part of a group, players can forge their path, adapt their strategies, and strive to become the ultimate survivor in the haunting world of True City.

Token Information

TRU (True City Token) is the native cryptocurrency of the True City metaverse. Holding TRU grants players access to a wide array of exclusive features and benefits. These tokens can be obtained through in-game achievements, successful tournament performances, or by staking assets within the metaverse.

To enhance liquidity and allow players to trade these tokens, TRU can be accessed on Pancake Swap, paired with BNB (Binance Coin), and on Cointiger, paired with USDT.

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