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World of Fairy

World of Fairy

World of Fairy
Strategy, Simulation
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World of Fairy is a simulation blockchain game that is set in a magical world where players can cultivate their land, mine resources, raise livestock, and participate in various activities. The game is designed to be accessible, requiring players to log in at regular intervals to manage their resources efficiently. It is available on PC.


In World of Fairy, players start with a plot of land on Origin Island, where they can engage in various activities to earn rewards. All in-game resources are on the blockchain. Players can trade these resources with others on the blockchain, earning tokens in return. The core gameplay revolves around three main industries: Planting, Gathering, and Animal Husbandry.

Planting Industry is where players can plant a variety of seeds on their farmland, nurturing them until maturity to harvest valuable crops. Different seeds offer distinct profits, and players can unlock additional planting lands to increase their yields. The game introduces a unique feature of mutated seeds obtained through fertilization, holding specific NFTs, or forging spring water.

Gathering Industry involves using tools purchased from the blacksmith shop to collect resources from different points. Each resource point yields various materials, providing players with opportunities to obtain essential items for their progression.

Animal Husbandry allows players to raise livestock, which is a crucial aspect of World of Fairy. Players can obtain different resources by raising and slaughtering livestock on their ranch. The game includes chicken farming, sheep farming, and cattle breeding, each with its own set of mechanics. Players can also utilize the cooking room to prepare food and fodder for their livestock.

Players can consume resources to build structures on their land, saving time and adding functional properties. These structures include a Fountain, Windmill, Sawmill, Quarry, Chicken Coop, Sheepfold, and Cow Shed, each offering unique advantages.

World of Fairy incorporates an arena where players can engage in competitions with 15 different animals. Users can place bets using FLT or WOF on the animals they believe will emerge victorious. The arena serves as a game entertainment activity with the main purpose of token burning, contributing to the overall ecosystem.

Players can also obtain FLT and WOF by breeding fish. Fish can be acquired through mystery boxes, placed in fish ponds for rewards, and upgraded for enhanced benefits.

Token Information

World of Fairy operates with two main tokens: FLT (belonging to Origin Island) and WOF (the platform token). FLT can be earned by selling crops and resources, while WOF has a total supply of 100,000,000 and is used for various games developed by the team. Both tokens can be earned through in-game activities and achievements. Players can trade these tokens on official exchanges. 

The game emphasizes the importance of holding certain NFTs and builder statues, which can increase resource yields and grant a share of profits from specific modules.

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