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Avaxtars is a browser-based, idle sci-fi game that has been launched on the Avalanche blockchain network. The name of the game comes from the combination of words AVAX, the name of the main coin of the Avalanche blockchain network, and stars. 


In the game, players can send their Avaxtars on different missions to earn various rewards and experience points. With currently four sections in the game, each section has different missions to complete. To send Avaxtars to missions, players have to burn some of their resources in return for earning rewards. Missions take certain amounts of time to be completed, when a mission is completed, players can obtain their rewards. 

Every Avaxtars in the game is an NFT asset and unique to their owners. They can be bought, sold, or traded on marketplaces by players freely. There are thousands of Avaxtars in circulation with different generations, Digital Generic Code (DGC), and rarity levels of common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legend. The rarity of an Avaxtar defines the amount of the Avaxtar in circulation and reflects the success base of an Avaxtar. At the beginning of the game’s launch, only 100 out of 10000 Avaxtars were created with legend rarity level, while nearly half of the Avaxtars were common rarity level.

Just like Avaxtars, every in-game item is an NFT asset with different rarity levels as well. Helmets, armors, gloves, boots, weapons, and vehicles come with common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legend rarity levels. Their rarity level determines their success rate on various actions throughout the game, just like Avaxtars. 

Token Information

The game of Avaxtars has three in-game tokens, AVXT, DGC, and ENXT. Each token has a different purpose and plays a crucial role in the game’s ecosystem. Avaxtars token, or AVXT, is the main token of the game and can be spent on the marketplace to buy PAGM devices. Boxes with the BoxDrop feature and other various in-game assets. AVXT is also the only way to boost PAGM devices’ processes.

ENXT token is the “energy” token of the game. It can be used to start missions or join PvP matches. This token can be earned by playing the game and acquiring in-game rewards. 

DGC token is generated by in-game actions and is given to players as a reward when they meet certain criteria. Players can earn DGC in three different ways: with compensation rewards of unsuccessful processes of PAGM devices and combining two Gen1 Avaxtars, using PAGM devices and DGC generators directly to generate DGC tokens.  


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