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Bit Heroes Runner

Bit Heroes Runner

Arcade, Adventure
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Bit Heroes Runner is a blockchain arcade adventure game that takes Bitverse NFT heroes on an adventure through procedurally generated endless dungeons. The game is a side-scrolling runner where every month a new adventure awaits for players to explore and compete against others. Players collect coins and upgrade their gear to defeat obstacles and monsters, all while escaping from a terrible Titan that pursues them relentlessly. Heroes can jump, dive, and dash toward portals to escape the Titan and explore new areas. Players can use coins and gems to upgrade their equipment as they increase their score, taking on the monsters that populate each level head-on. Additionally, Bitverse players can choose to play as their Bitverse Hero (NFT), a cross-game avatar that tracks their progress across all three titles within the Bitverse: Bit Heroes Runner, Bit Heroes Quest, and Bit Heroes Arena.


The core loop of Bit Heroes Runner revolves around escaping impending doom as players navigate through a challenging endless dungeon. As the game progresses, players encounter different enemies, hazards, gear, and environments in each Adventure, which is available for a limited time. The dungeons are procedurally generated, ensuring a unique and dynamic experience with every run.

During gameplay, players can choose to run, trying to avoid hazards and foes that stand in their way. However, occasional failures are part of the game, such as tripping over a huge log or getting torched into an 8-bit charred steak.

To improve their chances of survival and progress further, players have the option to equip and upgrade their gear. By collecting coins and materials, players can enhance their Bit Heroes, making them better, stronger, and faster. This process of upgrading gear becomes crucial as players strive to achieve higher scores and surpass other Bit Heroes on the leaderboards.

Bit Heroes Runner offers various game modes to keep players engaged. Each Adventure, featuring different enemies, hazards, gear, and environments, is available for a limited time. Players can compete against the community in daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards, with the opportunity to earn some of the game's best rewards. These leaderboards foster competition and allow players to showcase their skills and progress in the Bit Heroes Runner universe.

Both standard Bit Heroes and Bitverse Heroes require gear to aid them in their adventures. Gear slots available for characters may vary depending on the game, with gameplay influencing what items can be used. Non-NFT Items can be obtained through gameplay or purchased from certain shops.

Token Information

In Bit Heroes Runner, players can choose to play as either a standard hero or any Bitverse Heroes they own. Bitverse Heroes are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that grant additional in-game content and exclusive benefits. When playing with a Bitverse Hero, the progress made, items gained, and running reputation stay with the NFT, regardless of its owner. This unique feature allows players to collect and trade Bitverse Heroes, contributing to the dynamic nature of the game's ecosystem.

Additionally, Bitverse Heroes provide access to exclusive features and opportunities within the Bit Heroes Runner universe. Players with Bitverse Heroes can participate in Bitverse-specific leaderboards and daily missions spanning the Bitverse. The achievements and perks associated with a Bitverse Hero remain with the NFT, even if ownership changes hands within the community.

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