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Castle of Blackwater

Castle of Blackwater

In Development
Castle of Blackwater Team
Adventure, RPG
Not available


Castle of Blackwater is a Free-to-Play, Play and Earn social deduction adventure game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, COBE and COBS. In CoB, players will utilize their social skills and cunning in order to outsmart their opponents to win and get rewards.


The game takes place in Blackwater Castle, where each day people come and try their luck and skill by taking on its challenges to attain the ultimate gift of magic that the castle offers. Contestants know that their failure will result in their death and form temporary alliances and social bonds to overcome the Castle’s quests.

Gameplay is in the form of classic social deduction games, such as the famous Among Us or the Town of Salem. 15 players make their journey into the Blackwater castle and are trapped there until they complete their tasks and make it out alive. 

The game first begins in the bidding room. Since there is a maximum of one of each character in each match, players can wager their tokens in the pre-game lobby known to increase their chances of playing a particular faction or character providing they own the character as NFTs of course, without bidding players may only take random characters to play. 

Players who play as F2P gamers will experience the game differently than those who purchase NFTs. The only challenge available to F2P players is the Castle of Blackwater. They won't be able to enter the surrounding metaverse because it is only accessible to NFT holders. The only way for the F2P player to obtain tokens is by being chosen as the "Most Valuable Player." These tokens can then be saved up and used to rent a character or buy one to get into the P2E aspect of the game. 

After the bidding phase ends, the game starts with 15 anonymous players spawning in the Entrance Hall. There are 10 Protectors, 3 Satanic, and 2 Forgotten players, these also serve as factions in the game.

Within the game, each faction has a unique strategy for winning a match. Either eliminating every Satanic character or finishing the tasks with all available experience points will result in victory for the Protectors. The Satanic faction disguises itself as Protectors and will only win when a majority of the Protectors are eliminated. And lastly, the two Forgotten characters will have different requirements for winning. 

Completing special challenges in-game and winning matches result in cosmetic NFT awards and token rewards. Players can explore different factions and will gain experience and special perks as they progress through the ranks of the faction. They can also buy NFT lands under their faction's banner and decorate them and gather with friends in the metaverse. They can climb up in leaderboards and can also become leaders for their faction and earn higher rewards. Monetizing their NFT lands and characters in staking or renting is also possible in Castle of Blackwater through the in-game NFT marketplace. There is also the feature of designing mini-games or social deduction spin-offs to play with others and to work with the developers to develop new NFTs.

Token Information

COBE is The Castle Of Blackwater Earn token, and functions as the primary hold token for stakeholders. Holding this token will grant governance voting power, and give holders influence in the future direction of the game. It can be gained by burning the other token, COBS. It can also be distributed through community events. It is used to buy/rent NFTs, and lands and can be staked for rewards. COBS is The Castle Of Blackwater Spend token, and functions as the utility token of the game. COBS will be earned by playing and winning games, and completing quests and can be spent in the bidding rooms and on cosmetics.


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