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Civitas is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing game that utilizes CITI tokens and NFTs to create a cross-platform civilization simulator. The game invites individuals from around the world to become citizens and shape their virtual destinies. It is available on PC, mobile, and Web platforms and allows players to construct and manage their entire civilization, drawing inspiration from renowned world-building and economy-based games like Civilization and Eve Online. With the integration of web3 gaming mechanics, subDAO governance, cutting-edge AR technology, and other exciting innovations, Civitas offers a fresh and dynamic experience in the genre.


As citizens of Civitas, players will collaborate with thousands of like-minded individuals to build a thriving society from the ground up. The game provides players with the tools necessary to craft their own destiny, but the impact of their actions on the future of their city and the lives of their fellow citizens is entirely in their hands.

Civitas offers an open-world concept, allowing for endless creative outcomes. Each player has the opportunity to customize their plot(s) of land with structures and items they have acquired or crafted. The placement of these structures directly influences the land's statistics and its ability to generate passive resources. To advance and progress through different eras, players work together within their city subDAO, constructing more advanced buildings and accumulating power.

Every virtual city in Civitas features a tower at its center, serving as the government headquarters and a vital hub of information for citizens. The tower provides essential details on city performance, available quests, global diplomacy status, yield rates, subDAO business, and other factors crucial to the city's progress and growth. Additionally, the tower acts as a treasury for the city and rewards its citizens while initiating and organizing quests.

Civitas offers two distinct gameplay experiences based on the platform the player chooses. Playing on a smartphone with augmented reality capabilities allows players to take the game into the real world, where they can embark on real-life adventures, collect resources scattered around their geographic location, play engaging mini-games with friends, and discover hidden treasures with rare NFTs and CITI tokens. On the other hand, playing on a PC provides an experience where players can interact with their land, locate, collect, and craft items, engage in city forums, access the city marketplace, and explore the world map view.

Token Information

CITI tokens, based on the ERC20 standard and running on the Ethereum blockchain, serve as both the in-game currency and a means of governance within the Civitas ecosystem. Players can earn CITI tokens and NFTs as rewards through various in-game activities, including passive resource harvesting, quests, trading, and augmented reality exploration.

Players who own land in Civitas can stake CITI tokens on their land, unlocking rewards and benefits from their investments. Additionally, each city operates as a subDAO and has the autonomy to establish its staking mechanisms and reward structures, which are decided collectively by the council and the citizens using the city's treasury.


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