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Studio Meta Ltd
Simulation, Sports
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FishVerse is a fishing simulation blockchain game that is set in an open world where players can engage in various activities like catching and collecting NFT fish, participating in tournaments and PvP battles, completing missions, and establishing businesses. With its integration of AI and multi-blockchain support, FishVerse offers a simulation for fishing enthusiasts. Available on both mobile and PC platforms, the game is currently in its public alpha stage, aiming for a full release in Q4 2024.


FishVerse provides players with a detailed simulation and strategic gameplay environment, where they can take on the roles of fishers, fish farmers, or both. The game is designed to cater to a wide range of players, from casual gamers to serious anglers and GameFi participants, providing a rich, open-world experience filled with diverse fishing opportunities.

Players begin their journey in FishVerse by choosing their character and acquiring the necessary NFT equipment, such as fishing rods and water plots for fish farming. The game offers a variety of fishing types, including sea fishing, float fishing, spinning, and bottom fishing, each requiring specific gear and tactics. For example, to engage in float or bottom fishing, players need to upgrade their spinning rods, adding a layer of strategy and planning to the game.

The durability of fishing equipment plays a significant role in FishVerse. Each rod has different durability levels, influencing its ability to handle various fish sizes and conditions. Players must carefully manage their equipment, upgrading and repairing it as necessary to ensure successful catches and prevent damage during challenging fishing expeditions.

FishVerse’s dynamic world includes diverse fishing environments such as rivers, lakes, seashores, deep seas, and unique ecosystems in different regions of the island. These areas are rich with various fish species, each with its own rarity and value. Players can explore these environments, changing locations and tactics to catch a wide array of fish, from common to legendary rarities.

Weather and time also significantly impact gameplay. FishVerse features day and night cycles and varying weather conditions, including stormy weather, which can increase the chances of catching rare fish but also pose risks to equipment and safety. This adds an element of risk and reward, encouraging players to weigh their options and make strategic decisions based on weather forecasts and their gear's capabilities.

In addition to fishing, players can engage in fish farming, breeding different types of fish in their NFT water plots. This aspect of the game allows for a more passive income stream, as players can sell their bred fish or use them to attract anglers to their plots, creating a vibrant economy within the game.

Tournaments and PvP battles offer competitive gameplay avenues where players can test their skills and equipment against others. Winning in these events not only provides prestige but also rewards in the form of NFTs and the game’s governance token, FVS.

Token Information

FishVerse introduces two tokens; FVS and F&S. F&S is used as an in-game currency, while FVS is the governance token. They facilitate various game mechanics like equipment upgrades, access to the earn version, and participation in tournaments. The tokens also serve for in-game asset purchases, multiplayer stakes, and covering royalty fees. Players can earn FVS through PvP matches, completing missions, participating in tournaments, and selling their NFT fish trophies. The game operates on the Polygon network.


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