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Simulation, Sports


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Genopets is a free-to-play, move-to-earn NFT simulation blockchain game that blends active lifestyle gameplay with digital pet companionship. By gamifying daily physical activity, Genopets empowers players to explore the Genoverse, engage in battles, and witness their digital pets evolve. The game encourages a symbiotic relationship between personal well-being and the growth of one's Genopet, fostering a unique connection between the player and their virtual companion. The game is available on mobile.


In Genopets, the core gameplay revolves around integrating physical activity into the gaming experience. The steps a player takes daily directly impact the progression of their Genopet within the Genoverse. This innovative approach transforms routine activities, such as walking or jogging, into a rewarding gaming experience. The game operates passively, allowing players to accumulate steps and receive rewards as long as they own a pet and have the app activated on their mobile devices.

Inspired by the nostalgia of caring for virtual pets like Tamagotchi and the excitement of evolving and battling Pokémon, Genopets taps into the emotional connection between players and their pets. Daily steps must be banked before midnight to receive rewards, creating a seamless and motivating integration of physical activity into the gameplay. Genopets replaces traditional mobile game grinding with a focus on building healthier habits through the gamification of self-care, offering a unique and engaging approach to personal wellness.

Genopets introduces a captivating NFT ecosystem where players care for, train, and play with digital pet companions. As players accumulate steps, their Genopet evolves, gaining Energy and XP, with XP tracking a Genopet's rarity through NFT metadata. Progression involves nurturing the Genopet through minigames, such as feeding, playing, and showing affection, enhancing its mood, and increasing its energy banking efficiency.

The Genopet evolution spans 12 stages and 78 levels, with each stage representing a significant milestone accompanied by visual transformations and attribute changes. Players can increase their Genopet's level by converting Energy to XP, a unique measure used solely for tracking progress. Energy is acquired through various actions, including nurturing activities, leveling up, harvesting KI, and alchemizing items. The Genopet's evolution is a dynamic journey tied to the player's commitment to an active lifestyle.

Genopets introduces the concept of Habitats, representing the terrarium homes of Genopets, which unlock premium features for players. Unlike typical NFTs, Habitats are procedurally generated at the time of minting, ensuring each one is a unique piece of art and function. Three types of Habitats exist, each serving distinct purposes—Genesis Habitats, Regular Habitats, and Guild Habitats.

Genesis Habitats possess special advantages, including the ability to refine Genotype Crystals and higher KI Harvesting caps. Regular Habitats are standard, while Guild Habitats cater specifically to player-guild use, supporting the game's economy. Habitats can be upgraded to increase their utility, with each level enhancing production, crafting capacity, and daily KI Harvest. However, strategic decision-making is essential, as upgrades come with associated costs.

Token Information

GENE tokens play a crucial role in governance and in-game drops. The other token, KI, is used for crafting, minting habitats, and crystal refinement. There is also an in-game-only token called sGENE that is used as an in-game replacement for locked GENE tokens. They are burned after being used in-game.


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