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MEEET is a play-to-earn blockchain farming simulation game that utilizes MST and MMT tokens in order to purchase and upgrade farmer NFTs. Players start by planting crops on their land and can earn tokens by completing tasks, such as harvesting, feeding animals, processing products in factories, and selling them. Tokens earned can either be used in-game or cashed out for profit. Players can form guilds with their friends, which can help them complete tasks faster and earn tokens more easily. The game is available on mobile platforms.


In MEEET, players start the game with a level one farm and can plant crops on their land. They can expand their land by burning MST, which enables them to plant more crops and complete tasks faster, ultimately increasing their earnings. There are a variety of crops, including wheat, oats, carrots, sugar cane, corn, and strawberries. Players can plant crops for free and harvest them after a certain period. Harvested crops can be used to complete tasks or processed in factories. Players can burn MST to speed up the crop growth process.

Players are able to raise three types of animals in MEEET: chickens, cows, and pigs. These animals eat crops and take a certain amount of time to produce products. The products can be used to complete tasks or be processed in factories. Players can burn MST to speed up the production process.

Factories include a bakery, a pizza shop, an ice cream machine, and a salad bar. Players can use crops to process products in these factories, which take time to complete. The products can then be used to complete order tasks and earn tokens. Players can burn MST to speed up the production process.

Farmers have five different qualities, and each farmer's value is chosen at random within the minimum and maximum values according to the farmer's quality. This means that farmers of the same quality may have vastly different attribute distributions. Players can level up their farmers by burning MST, and each level-up takes a fixed amount of time to complete. The time required increases along with the amount of MST required, according to the farmer's level. The process can be sped up by using MST. Additionally, MMT can also be used to level a farmer. Upon leveling up, players will attain 4–12 additional attribute points to assign according to their farmer quality.

Equipment sockets are unlocked once farmers reach a certain level. Players can enhance their farmer attributes by inserting the corresponding equipment into the unlocked sockets. Only profitable equipment can be placed in these sockets. By heading to the Upgrade tab, players can view the equipment attributes and upgrade the equipment by burning MST.

Players can form guilds with their friends in MEEET. Typically, the more friends in a guild, the faster they can complete tasks and earn tokens. Members of the same guild can assist each other in tasks such as sending crops or equipment to each other. Guilds can also compete against each other to see who earns the most tokens within a certain period.

Token Information

In MEEET, players can earn tokens by completing tasks, such as harvesting crops, feeding animals, and processing products in factories. MST is the in-game utility token that has an unlimited supply and is used for in-game transactions. MMT is the governance token of the MEEET platform and ecosystem that allows voting and is required for leveling up farmers.

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