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MicroBuddies is a play-to-earn blockchain-based NFT collection and strategy game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFT MicroBuddies, and cryptocurrency, GOO. The game revolves around owning and breeding MicroBuddies to create a new MicroBuddy with next-generation traits.


In MicroBuddies, there are ten different species, each with its unique genealogies and rarity levels. Algae, Protozoa, Protist, and Archaea species are common species (green), Amoeba, Bacteria, and Virus are rare species (blue), Fungi, and Yeast are legendary species (orange), and lastly, Waterbear is exalted species (purple). There are 2490 MicroBuddies in the circulation, however, in addition to these species, an additional 10 founder MicroBuddies will be given to holders to support the game's growth. All MicroBuddies produce GOO tokens for its owner, except founder MicroBuddies. Instead of GOO tokens, they produce a percentage of the game’s fees.

MicroBuddies can have up to six trait types that define their appearance; they may have a top, such as hair, or a hat, a set of eyes which may include eyebrows, glasses, and other accessories, a mouth or a nose, a body pattern, a body-color, and a bottom such as a tail, wings, rainbow, etc. In addition to these traits, thanks to mutations, MicroBuddies can earn new traits. Mutations are combinations of different traits and can only be obtained through breeding MicroBuddies. In general, mutated MicroBuddies produce more GOO. 

Every MicroBuddies produce GOO tokens in the game. The amount of GOO a MicroBuddy can produce is determined by its rarity, traits, fertility, and the “Peg Value”. The GOOs a MicroBuddy produces will need to be minted at the GOO extractor in the game. However, GOO does not endlessly accumulate for a MicroBuddy. To prevent inactivity and hoarding inflation, a MicroBuddy can only hold 90 GGPD (Gross GOO Per Day). Once a MicroBuddy reaches its limit, it will become encumbered, so players will need to actively extract and transfer their MicroBuddies’ GOO from time to time to keep it productive.

Token Information

MicroBuddies uses the GOO token as its primary cryptocurrency. The main difference between the GOO token with other game tokens is that the GOOs are actually owned by the MicroBuddies, not the players themselves. This means players won’t be able to hold the GOO token in their wallets, instead, GOO can only be transferred between MicroBuddies.

Players can earn GOO tokens via their MicroBuddies since they produce GOO tokens for their owners. GOO token can be used for any in-game activity from breeding of MicroBuddies to marketplace. 


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